Cannabis gum in dm and Rossmann: package confiscated by the police


The so-called cannabis gum has been available in German pharmacies a few months ago – also for children. Now there is a discussion about the legality of the sale.

– Reiner Porzelt is surprised. The Garmisch-Partenkirchner was walking down Gentian Street with a woman and her grown son earlier this month, when the policemen controlled them – and they found them. Police confiscated a packet of Taff Inaff chewing gum from his son. Shown: a hemp plant. The trio was astonished. After all, the man had already bought the product from the dm pharmacy.

Marijuana bought in dm: Police confiscated juvenile pack

Porzelt could not find out. Then he went to the pharmacy about an hour after the incident. At the chewing gum booth, he found one more of the packets. Taff Inaff seems to be success. Because: "The other shelves were still full." The place took a closer look at the packaging, especially the ingredients. He says: "With cannabis, antioxidants and essential oils selected to take care of the natural oral flora."

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Another note: The chewing gum does not swell. However, due to the so-called DAR values, ie limits for acute effects, it is recommended to consume only one chewing gum per day in 20 minutes. Parzelt wonders: is the sale legal? Especially with no age restriction? Clemens Stockklausner, chief physician of the children's hospital, also doubts the utility of the product.

Cannabis gum sold to children: discussion of drugs and legality

Police in Garmisch-Partenkirchen confirmed that they had confiscated the chewing gum. According to the inspection, this is for inspection in the health department. However, a result can only be expected in about half a year.

In fact, it is about the ingredient, Cannabinoid CBD, which is derived from male hemp and, unlike THC, is not intoxicating. A Taff-Inaff chewing gum has five milligrams each. As reported by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), according to available literature, this probably has no psychoactive effect. The CBD is currently under investigation as a potential drug in clinical trials. Contradictory data leave no conclusive answer to the health risks of chewing gum containing CBD, according to BfR.

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CBD in cannabis gum in dm: Youth Protection Act does not prohibit sale

Basically, the substance is not an anesthetic in the sense of the Narcotics Act. The Youth Protection Act also does not prohibit giving to children and adolescents. According to the EU Food Base Ordinance (Article 14), the producer – the Swiss company Roelli Roelli – is responsible for ensuring that food is safe, that is, safe for children, according to a spokesperson for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture. Family. This will "continue to follow the development of these products with great attention, however."

Roelli Roelli, based in St. Gallen, sees no reason to withhold the children's chewing gum. That they are brought with the chewing gum the "grass" flatly denies. Especially because he does not like it. "We think it's completely out of the question for anyone to become a drug addict because of the packaging or consumption of Taff Inaff," says one official. The reason he delivers with. For one thing, a boy or girl does not recognize the hemp leaf as such. Older children, on the other hand, are at an age when they can deal completely with the subject.

Cannabis chewing gum on dm: company advocates positive properties of the active principle

The company, which works with Medropharm, a specialist in cannabinoid-containing products, points to CBD's "exclusively positive properties." On this subject, says Roelli's official, "will come very, very clarification will be operated." In fact, the company has director Kristofer and Andreas Roelli in early 2019 at the most important candy fair, ISM Cologne, with the "Swiss Cannabis Gum" finished in third place – as a top innovation.

Dispute over cannabis gum: So far, no approval by the Ministry

Gum is currently available at drugstores and online stores. A spokesman for the dm drugstore chain announces that it is marketable, that is, permissible for general trade. But there are inconsistencies in this regard. Because in the so-called Novel Food Catalog of the European Commission, hemp plant extracts and by-products – if not drugs – are considered novel foods. These must be classified and approved before being placed on the market. As it is called by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, but so far there is no approval. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture confirms this and reacts: it will report the product to the authorities responsible for monitoring in Bavaria.

The sale of essential oils containing CBD had already caused unrest. Drug companies like DM and Rossmann have already banned cannabis-containing products from their reach. This now also threatens chewing gum.

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In addition to tetrahydrovanabinol (THC), CBD is one of the main representatives of cannabinoids in the Cannabis Cannabis sativa plant. It is said to have anticonvulsive, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects. Other pharmacological effects are being investigated. In addition to the chewing gum containing CBD lead the pharmacy giants Rossmann and DM for a few months and CBD oil. According to media reports, the companies decided to remove the product for the time being from the range. Reason are ambiguities with regard to legality. Jurisprudence on this subject is complex.

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