Bundeswehr soldiers post radical right-wing open


VMany Bundeswehr soldiers openly espouse a right-wing approach in social media, according to information from the ARD. This results from a set of data with hundreds of examples, which an informant, apparently even a Bundeswehr member, collected and who were present at the ARD capital studio. In some, the legitimacy of the Federal Republic is questioned.

Man's claims were not taken seriously by his superiors. He had sent his collection, containing posts from dozens of Facebook and Instagram profiles as well as closed groups, to the Military Protection Service (MAD) and to the Bundestag Parliamentary Control Panel.

Basic questions

Many of the far-right statements, jokes, slogans or photos are in the legal area, according to the report. They are not criminally relevant and can not be punished for violating the military disciplinary code. But again, the fundamental question arises: what is the size of the Bundeswehr problem with rights.

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A closer investigation therefore demanded the Wehrbeauftragte from the German federal daily Hans Peter Bartels. "What does not exist, but what can be a suggestion, is a study on recruitment patterns," the report quotes the SPD politician. For all of society there are these figures, but not for the Bundeswehr. According to the ARD, Bartels asked if anyone could be afraid of the results.


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