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The boss of the DSDS, Dieter Bohlen and Capital Bra, joined a mega success – and gained much more grays.

Hamburg – Popular rapper Capital Bra (24) and DSDS jury Dieter Bohlen (65) have their fights very successful. On Instagram, the musicians had to say a lot in their stories and Well treated"There is no sign of that now. Reason for this: Capital Bras extremely successful cover version of Dieter Bohlen's hit "Cheri Cheri Lady"Now the DSDS judge has counted how much he earned in the new version of Capital Bra.

Dieter Bohlen and Capital Bra celebrate with Mega-Success "Cherry Lady": "Hammer Collaboration!"

If not as friends, you could definitely call them successful business partners. Together, they worked on a new edition of Dieter Bohlen's mega-hit "Cheri Cheri Lady" and thus a Ox blow, In a few days, the song of the Capital Bra, called "Cherry Lady", was seen almost 12 million times. At the German charts, the song was immediately filmed in the first place.

At Instagram, the 65-year-old actor thanks for video message for placement in the graphics: "My 22nd number one! Thank you Capi, thank you to everyone who did what. I love you all! "The DSDS jury shared a photo showing him and the rapper, both smiling at the camera at the selfie, Dieter Bohlen wrote:" Hammer Collaboration! "They even celebrated the two together at home in Capital Bra How much did Dieter Bohlen really make the number one success of Capital Bras?? While Capital Bra attracts attention musically, rapper GZUZ collides with a bloody photo.

Dieter Bohlen: The Congenial Companion of Capital Bra

in DSDS chief Dieter Bohlen spoke openly about his financial success. It no longer consists primarily of music, but of stock and real estate transactions. Instead of making music, your Instagram account takes on the role of Capital Bra congenial. "I sacrifice myself for practically, I'm currently there nine hours a day, "explains the 65-year-old." It also includes answering about 3,500 comments a day on your channel. "He would not have thought Tagesschau de Dieter would be that big," I started with Instagram for get feedback from fans and I did not think it was so positive.".

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Hello at #dieterstagesschau! Aviators lost, but there for DSDS on time: Watch RTL today, 20:15 @dsds! Here are the dates of my tours: 14.9.Zürich, 28.9.Leipzig, 4.10.Hamburg, 5.10.Mannheim, 2.11. Berlin, 16.11.Dortmund, 6.12. Vienna, 7.12.München: and # dsds2019 #anzeige

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But like in music, Dieter Bohlen, partner of Capital-Bra, also proved to be a touch of gold. In less than a year you have your profile on Instagram 1.2 million followers collected. And then there is, of course, his "part-time job" as the main jury of the "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". He is the absolute leader of RTL's success. Each season of DSDS is Dieter Bohlen the face of the most successful cast on German television. He earns little more than one million euros, he confirms. The 65 year old man makes it easy. "If I had done everything right economically, then I would have now ten times more coal"However, Dieter Bohlen can still live well with Modern Talking." Rapper Eminem can also live well on his music, but his daughter has shown quite revealing images.

This is what Capital Bra and Dieter Bohlen are gaining in music

To date, the partner of Capital-Bra still receives "a request for coverage of Modern Talking songs per week." At the time, however, the music business was still another, and that's why he, as an employee of a music publisher in Hamburg, gets only 1% of the revenue from his 80's hits – to this day. "The bitter truth is that I am for a million streams 400 euros wars

Dieter Bohlen is one of the first to comment on Instagram's announcement of Capital's new album.

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Stress with rapper Capital Bra was rewarded by Dieter Bohlen. Currently has "Cherry Lady" more than 24 million pieces in Spotify. Personally, both seem to understand each other well. Maybe Dieter Bohlen will soon bring the rapper to the DSDS jury. Hip hop still has the pretty nickname of "Capi" from Pop-Titan, as Dieter Bohlen calls it in the podcast.

But that's not all: according to the head of the DSDS, Capital Bra has gained 12 times more than he since the release of the song, "50,000 to 60,000 euros"Definitely a worthwhile collaboration that may not yet be over. In his Instagram account, the rapper announced his new album. Of course one of the first comments came from Dieter Bohlen: "I'm here," Pop-Titan announced.

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