Bavaria: beer brand destroys 300 barrels of beer


The alarm rang at the fire department and police at seven-thirty on Saturday night: in a fire at a brewery in Bavaria, about 300 barrels of aluminum beer were destroyed.

The fire brigade drove with a large team to Neunkirchen am Sand, a small community near Nuremberg. According to media reports, the flames on the Wolfshöher brewery ground reached a height of up to 20 meters, the heat had been extremely high. As the police said, so thick a cloud of smoke rose on Highway 9, the view was briefly obstructed.

The criminal police determined

Firefighters could not stop the flames from damaging parts of the brewery building and a parked van. Several fire-fighting trains from the district of Nürnberger Land finally brought the fire under control.

There were no injuries. The resulting property damage is probably in the six-digit range, but the extent can not be quantified accurately. How it came to the fire is still unclear. The criminal investigation determines more.


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