Baddeckenstedt: Dead children found on the lake – terrible details of Lower Saxony


On Monday night, two boys were found missing – shortly after, witnesses uncover two lifeless children in a pond in the garden.

Update of May 22, at 04:07 p.m.: It's a disgrace that happened on Tuesday night. Two boys were found dead in a garden pond. The exact cause of death is not yet known, even how it could reach the tragedy, it is still unclear. The next day after the terrible find, the neighbors are shocked. Neighbor Markus Martczak shows in shock with stunned RTL. Thus belong to the house in whose lands the disaster happened to the family of the boys in question.

"These are very correct and dear people, I do not wish this on anyone. We suffer with the whole family," says Markus Martczsak.

On the discovery of the two children killed in the garden lake in Baddeckenstedt in Lower Saxony also reported *.

Two dead children found in the garden lake – New tragic details

First notification of May 22: Baddeckenstedt – A tragedy occurred on the night of Tuesday in Lower Saxony Baddeckenstedt. Two boys were found lifeless in a garden pond. Although the rescue workers and the police tried in vain to revive the two, the children could not be saved. As a police spokesman said Wednesday morning, the two boys died on the spot. If they were killed by a misfortune or were victims of a crime, it was not initially clear. "We expect an accident at the moment but we investigate in all directions," the spokesman said.

Baddeckenstedt: Two boys reported missing – then the horrible find

Use of find on private property dragged on for several hours and was not completed on Wednesday morning. The NDR said children should be autopsied even today. So it should be with the two for a boy of four and seven years old. For the exact accident, there is still no information, but the four-year-old boy is said to have lived in the house next to the disaster site. Together with his seven-year-old cousin, he was found in the neighbors' pond. Both children were apparently non-swimmers.

The tragedy of Baddeckenstedt: mothers find their children dead

In addition to forensic special forces also firefighters and emergency counselor were in use. As the NDR informs, it was the mothers who found their children in the pond. His shouts were heard at the neighboring estate, police confirmed on Wednesday.

Police received a missing person report for two boys on Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m. Shortly afterwards, officials were called to the scene where witnesses found the two children dead. Whether they are missing or not, the researchers tested it in the morning. In the morning, police want to give an overview of the state of the investigation.

A terrible family drama happened on Thursday night in Dresden. A father killed his two small children. There was also a tragic accident in Glonn between two school buses, such as* reported.


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