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Awkward Failure Reward in Brochure – Vegans Are Angry


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A collapse at Rewe causes customer outrage. He looked closely at a popular product.

  • Rewe happens an embarrassing failure.
  • A serious mistake in the Rewe prospect bothers customers.
  • Ours expresses its outrage on Facebook – Rewe reacts.

Munich – Supermarkets and discount stores such as Rewe, Lidl, Aldi, Edeka and Co. have been placing increasing emphasis on vegetarian and vegan products in their range for some years now. Not without reason, because the market is huge. For example, meat substitutes such as vegan meatballs, schnitzels and sausages are popular with customers. Especially in summer, they land regularly on the grill. What a customer, however, now in a P
rosewise by Rewe finds him outraged.

Reward for embarrassing leaflets: customer with indignant mail

Looking more closely at two offers in his local brochure, the customer is startled: Rewe announces several "Valess" tokens with the "vegan" label. This means that the schnitzel must really be free of animal products and have been produced without animal testing. But in practice it looks different.

The normal Schnitzel on Rewe's offer can still pass as vegan. But when Gouda Schnitzel You do not have to be an expert to determine that you are not vegan, but vegetarian at best. Because of course it contains cheese. An animal product that vegans naturally reject by conviction. A mistake from Rewe.

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Rewe annoys his clients with a mistake in the prospectus

The supermarket plays with its credibility and the trust of customers. For those who blindly trust the granting of goods, they experience an unpleasant surprise. He cannot feed on his conviction unless he himself notices the error.

In this embarrassing leaflet, the user Rewe on Facebook. "These promotional flyers are offered as vegans, but they are only vegetarians," he was outraged and placed three exclamation marks at the end of the text to highlight his excitement once again and clarify. Simultaneously to the text, he also posted a photo of the prospectus with the relevant chips and posted it on Rewe's Facebook wall.

Rewe-Panne unleashes mockery and ridicule on Facebook

Rewe reacts promptly to the embarrassing leaflet break and responds to the user confidently after his message: "Hello, thanks for the tip. We would like to check it once. You can send us a private message with the market address where the prospectus comes from. and your email address? Thanks and see you soon, your Rewe team. "

Of course the user did it, but your post causes mockery and mockery. Another user writes: "An original 'Wiener Schnitzel' could easily handle this product. It's not vegan, but a saulecker." Another question: "How about stones?" Of course, though, Rewe doesn't. befriended his embarrassing accident on the prospectus.


Rewe: Article deeply shocks woman – boy makes terrible discovery

It's not the first breakdown that subverts Rewe. Only recently, a woman found an article during her purchases at Rewe, which shocked her deeply. A family also makes a terrible discovery with Rewe, who deeply disturbed her. In a meatloaf to bake, a boy finds something dangerous.

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