"As a script"? Viewers are arguing wildly MJ docs


On Saturday, the controversial documentary about Michael Jackson (ΓΈ50) was broadcast for the first time on German television. In "Leaving Neverland", the protagonists and the alleged victims Wade Robson (36) and James Safechuck and their families remember the events more than thirty years ago. After about three hours of the four-hour documentary already form the first opinions on the track: Many find the stories of the protagonists implausible – while others are very touched.

From the outset, some viewers have come across calf and James supposedly very "euphoric" about Michael and the luxury with which he subjugated them, while he spoke very "dry" about the alleged abuse. "Not to judge, because you do not know … But the behavior of the protagonists here is very strange for me," "The two interviewees show zero shame, no worried tone, absolutely neutral is the description of what happened allegedly. feeling guilty "and "Even the documentary would have believed that there was some truth in the rumors, but how the degree tries to squeeze a tear with that disgusting smile … and then shake its head but there are still no tears coming …"clock chirp-User. In the same way, many feel the behavior of families as suspect. "Because her son (perhaps) was abused, but his mother speaks rather dry," "I wonder why the families or mothers of the victims speak of him full of euphoria and pride?", "Just like Grandma She tell me with a smile on your face MichaelAnother fact that raises doubts in the public is the rich detail: "Such detailed statements sound like a script."

It should be noted, however, that, in turn, many viewers believe in the documentary, feel empathy and take sides with the alleged victims. "You can believe what you want, but the fact is that it is not normal for an adult man to be surrounded by little boys who are not his children all the time," one user describes his feelings – another user, however, can not understand the critics: "Regardless of whether you believe the documentary to be true or not, it shows how important it is to engage in abuse, because what is described here happens over and over again throughout the world."

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Wade Robson on "Leaving Neverland"
Michael Jackson during the filming of Getty Images

Michael Jackson filming the music video "Bad"
Wade Robson, Getty Images

Wade Robson, actor of "Leaving Neverland"

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