Apple TV Plus streaming service: Apple rivals Netflix and Amazon


With the announcement of its own streaming offer, Apple is challenging its competitors Netflix and Amazon. But the US technology giant seems to be indifferent about the venture.

By Marcus Schuler, ARD Studio Los Angeles

As the business with iPhones does not bloom anymore, Apple is looking for new revenue streams. At its headquarters in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, the company has introduced new offerings that will make it less dependent on the iPhone. In addition to a streaming service, payment platforms for magazines and computer games were also presented. Even the credit card itself will bring the iPhone group into the market.

The big concern that Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company have haunted for a long time is the decline in sales of the iPhone, the previous money carrier. That's why services, that is, additional services such as cloud storage or streaming music service, have been top priority for people 58 years for years. This stressed the boss of Apple again:

"We offer a range of services, such as iCloud, Siri or Apple Maps, as well as songs and podcasts and Apple books as well as the App Store, all available anytime, anywhere on all our devices."

19% increase in sales of additional services

The company spent nearly $ 11 billion on these services in the last quarter, an increase of 19% over the previous year. This clearly shows the direction Cook has prescribed for the technology company.

An important building block will be the new streaming offer from Apple TV Plus. The special: the new application will be there to be launched not only on Apple devices but also on Smart TV devices from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG or Sony. Jamie Ehrlicht from Apple:

"It's an ads-free subscription service that works online and offline, everything is available for download, we offer unique movies and shows and bring new content every month, and it will be in more than 100 countries this fall."

Steven Spielberg came to the premiere

What should cost the new offer, the company did not say. Big Hollywood names were needed. For example, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who filmed a science fiction series entitled "Amazing Stories" for the company and reached Cupertino headquarters – and became philosophical there.

"People are always looking for the meaning of life, and we believe that viewers in those disconnected stories will find a thread to make" Amazing Stories "a unique themed experience."

Imagine 1.4 billion users

Also talk show host Oprah Winfrey will be on Apple TV Plus. She gets a live talk show. In theory, it can be seen by about 1.4 billion users – so many iPhones, tablets or Mac computers are on the market.

"We are broadcasting a conversation with an author, and we will see him live across borders, connecting people with our stories – no matter where you are, who you are, man, woman, child, and we will all look at it, Heaven and wonderful ".

Comparatively insignificant investment

The new streaming platform is comparatively insignificant compared to what Netflix or Amazon Prime offer their customers in unique content produced by it. Well, a billion dollars that Apple probably got in hand. In comparison, Netflix spends about ten times a year on in-house productions. Why Apple goes here with the parking brake, it's a mystery. In a few months, the Disney Group also wants to start with its own streaming offer.

For the US market, the company also features a news app. You can read magazines and some newspapers about it. Only the regional newspaper "Los Angeles Times" and the financial newspaper "Wall Street Journal" are included. Really important national titles like the "New York Times" or "Washington Post" are missing. In addition, about 300 titles of periodicals belong to the offer.

In Apple's advertising speech, Deputy Chief Applications Officer, Rogner Rosner, sells:

"If you signed all the titles, it would cost more than $ 8,000 a year, paying only $ 9.99 a month."

Apple credit card is coming too

And as the company really wants to monetize everything, it also launches its own credit card for the US market – along with Goldman Sachs. The card is designed to protect the privacy of its users, and purchases would not be used for marketing purposes. , emphasizes Chef Cook.

"We've reduced fees, reduced interest rates, made clear and understandable offers, and transferred the privacy and security requirements that Apple Pay people know about."

The presentation of the beautiful new additional services at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino lasted nearly two hours. If Apple is therefore really independent of its smartphone business, one can doubt much. For this, the company begins indecisively in a highly competitive market.


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