Anne Will (ARD) takes a long break – that's the reason


On Sunday, the first does not run as usual Anne Will after the scene of the crime. The talk show is canceled.

April 14, 2019 Update: Tonight, viewers will again have to do without Anne Will. And not only that: the next regular broadcast is scheduled for May 5. That means Anne Will will miss the next two Sundays. The popular ARD talk, therefore, is not sent during Easter.

The political talk show runs, as explained below, only on 30 Sundays a year. In the last program was still avidly debated about Brexit.

Anne paused on Sunday night – for a surprise reason

First message: Berlin – Normally, every Sunday after the crime scene, Anne Will's political talk takes place. But today, on March 24, the broadcast was canceled. And that, although there are currently enough topics to discuss. Britain sinks into the chaos of Brexit and several cabinet members want to replace Prime Minister Theresa May. In addition, the European election is imminent and throughout Germany is demonstrated against "Article 13", the paragraph upload filter .

Crime Comedy instead of Anne Will

But Will is not replaced by a focal point or something like that. Instead of Anne Will's talk show, the German crime comedy "Almen und die Geheimnis der rosa Diamant", with Heino Ferch in the lead role in ARD, will be broadcasting at 21.45. Next Sunday, March 31, there will be a new show "Anne Will".

Why is Anne leaving on Sunday? Parallel runs the international game today. The German national team contests the European Championship against the Netherlands. We're going live. One might suspect that the ARD therefore wants to take a break with Anne Will because anyway the whole football looks.

Needless to say, Will will only produce 30 broadcasts a year for the ARD, so it is not scheduled every Sunday. But if the program does not work, it usually causes a media echo, as it did last fall.

Anne Will Falls Out – That's the Amazing Reason

On request, the ARDthat on March 24, originally no transmission should be performed. Because of the possible appointment Brexit on March 29, but was optionally held on the date of transmission. Due to the recent development of Brexit, the publishers decided to relinquish this broadcast day in order to be able to return from the summer break at the start of the upcoming statewide elections in the fall. The international game has nothing to do with it.

This is what Anne Will's last show was about

The last issue of the talk show was about whether the job leaves you sick. The reason was that Sahra Wagenknecht had announced that, for health reasons, in the fall, he would not run again for the left wing. The politician was invited and spoke about the enormous burden as leader of the group. In addition to Wagenknecht were also Thomas de Maizière (CDU), Katja Sudin (FDP), Alexander Jorde and Klaus Lieb.

Video: Sahra Wagenknecht talks about burnout with Anne Will

Anne will live on TV and on the live broadcast

Basically, the talk show happens every Sunday after the crime scene or the police at 9:45 p.m. in the first. If you do not have access to a TV, you can watch the show on ARD live broadcast. Old episodes are also available later in the media library.

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