Amira de Oli Pocher Amira: The offspring was not planned!


Oliver Pocher (41) and his partner Amira M. Aly make an amazing confession! Last November, the TV comedian and the talented makeup artist officially announced their relationship. A few weeks ago, the lovebirds became public with the next good news: they are expecting their first child together! But not only for the fans came this rather unexpected news: Because Amira got pregnant accidentally!

This is what Mom in Spe now betrays closerInterview. After Oli joked, "That was planned, we worked for years to announce it today," he said. Amira Now, how this actually happened: "No, this was not planned. Let's put it this way: We accept it. "

However, they certainly would be huge on their children – their fans, but the two definitely do not want to share the happiness of their parents: "I find people who show their children in public, introduce us to social media and make money from them, as social"stressed Oliver, Even by his three other children, who emerged from Olis's marriage to ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-W├Âlden (36), the comedian never publishes photos online.

Oliver Pocher and Amira Aly backstage Getty ImagesImage Gallery Button
Oliver Pocher and Amira Aly Backstage in "Let's Dance"
Model Amira Aly and comedian Oliver Pocher, 2019Hauter, Katrin / ActionPress

Model Amira Aly and comedian Oliver Pocher, 2019
Oliver Pocher and Amira M. Aly in June 2019Press action

Oliver Pocher and Amira M. Aly in June 2019

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