Amazon launches free music service for Alexa users


Do you believe in coincidences? Not true, right? Today, Google announced that it will be possible to listen to a free, ad-supported, and reduced version of YouTube music through speakers with the Google Assistant (Google Home, soon Only U.S, Bose …) and now Amazon comes around the corner.

Since it was recently suspected that you could get a free music service. And now it does, but first in the USA. It means: access to "best playlists of Amazon music and thousands of channels." The limited access offered by the new free service is probably the first phase of a fully commercial (ie free, commercialized) broadcast solution that will be released at some point in the future.

Users will not receive an album on demand, but a playlist or a channel: "As of today, non-Prime US subscribers or Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to an ads-supported selection of top playlists and channels for free on Amazon compatible compatible Alexa compatible devices"Variety says in a statement.

At first, Amazon should take losses into account, but could live with red numbers. We could see the free music streaming service as more than another channel in the overall ecosystem, attracting customers to its own network. Of course, Amazon also has a lot more room to maneuver than, say, Spotify, because Sweden has no other business areas and Amazon sales opportunities at its disposal.


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