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Aldi is turning its line upside down: about 100 products are on the hit list

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At Aldi Süd branches, customers will soon have to reorient themselves. At least if you are looking for one of the products that will soon be unavailable.

  • At Aldi Süd, customers expect some changes in food and toilet paper.
  • Some products will disappear completely from the shelves.
  • The reason for the changes in the range should be the buying behavior.

Mülheim an der Ruhr – At the branches of the discounter Aldi South the offer will soon change visibly. Although some products are completely out of reach disappear is a change in other products Package size expected. According to information from the portal Splinter These changes are expected to involve nearly 100 products that have been tested over several months. Thus, numerous branches have already been informed about changes in the range.

Aldi Süd reacts to current buying behavior when it comes to toilet paper

Products that are still available in a modified form include Toilet paper and Kitchen roll. Apparently, Aldi Süd is responding to the changing demand in times of the ongoing corona pandemic. In the future, toilet paper will only be available in packs of eight rolls of 150 sheets each. Kitchen roll o Own brand “Kokett” it is sold in the bundle of four, while the bundle of two is disappearing from the markets.

Earlier this month, it has already been observed that hamster purchases of toilet paper have resumed in some cases. This trend was at Aldi, Lidl and others Discounters noticeable. However, regionally different trends and no uniform development have emerged. Aldi Süd spoke in mid-October of a “slight increase” in the purchase of toilet paper and other products.

Some drinks are being taken out of range at Aldi Süd

The crown crisis is not the reason for any changes in the Branches by Aldi Süd. In the field of food and drinks get noisy Splinter Eliminate products that just don’t sell well enough. The Aqua Plus mineral water fruit flavor disappears from the shelves as well as your own Iced tea.

Aldi had already announced a major change in drinks and toilet paper in the summer. It was still about a rapprochement between Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. Successful private labels from one discount chain should also be offered in the other, so that the discount store brands would disappear. According to Aldi, however, this should not result in the total end of private labels that are only available at one of the discount stores. (rm)

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