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Aldi: "Aoleqi" branches in China look so incredible – video


Aldi opened its first two branches in China.

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Aldi is now also available in Asia. The first two stores opened in China – and they look amazing! Chinese customers can look forward to upscale and modern shopping.

June 10 update: Is Aldi now conquering Asia? That could very well be – at least the giant discount plans to open the "Kingdom of the Middle". In China, the company has already opened two branches in the port city of Shanghai (see our message below). Thousands of customers must receive food.

A discounter food, called "Aoleqi" in China, seems to be doing well in China so far. This impression is conveyed by at least one news video showing the opening of Aldi's branches on June 7: long lines formed, customers were curiously watching the assortment. With it: regional, but also German food. Especially popular are noisy Tagesschau Dumplings with sauerkraut and sausages.

The video also offers insight into the inner life – for many German customers, the sight of Aldi's Chinese branches may seem unbelievable! While in some places the Aldi branches in Germany are more reminiscent of warehouses, Chinese supermarkets almost look like luxury department stores. Gigantic, elegant lamps hang from the ceiling on flat screens the variety is displayed on the counters and the ceilings are partially decorated with patterns and colorful sayings – but see for yourself:

Aldi: Megaexpansion! Discounter opens its first stores in this continent

June 7, 2019 Update: Grocer Aldi opened its first two branches in China on Friday. While Aldi Süd has been selling online in China since 2017, the discounter wants to first test the fixed deals with the two stores in Shanghai to better understand Chinese consumers. Markets will offer locally sourced and imported products. Should be meat and milk directly from Australia, as well as ready meals, such as the Chinese "Aoleqi" called German trader announced.

The two branches opened their doors in the morning at Jing'an Sports Shopping Center in Jing'an district and at Gumei Life Shopping Plaza in Minhang district. The opening day was a holiday with the Dragon Boat Festival. However, with the exception of the Chinese New Year, stores in China are open even on holidays. According to Chinese media reports, Aldi can open a total of 10 markets in the Middle Kingdom this year. Reportedly, there are expansion plans for 50 to 100 branches.

Including its activities in China, Aldi Süd is represented in eleven countries with more than 6,240 branches. The Mülheim Group has around 149,000 employees worldwide. The sister company Aldi Nord, based in Essen, is, according to its own account, active in nine countries. In the fight against plastic in the sea, the discounter recently received ideas of start-ups.

Aldi: Megaexpansion! Discounters in the future also in this continent

Certificate of origin dated May 29, 2019: An Aldi is probably in almost every major city – in this country anyway, now also in other European countries and even in Australia and the United States. One market that the discounter had not yet opened is Asian.

This time is over now: According to the management magazines Aldi Süd is expanding to the Middle Kingdom: The opening of the first branch is scheduled for June 7 in Shanghai, another store is expected to follow soon.

Aldi in China: the Great Expansion to Asia

The main store in downtown Shanghai has about 1000 square meters and should offer not only the usual Aldi products, but also fresh fish from a large counter, as the magazine wants to learn from industry circles. The strategy behind China's expansion seems clear – in Germany, it is difficult for the group to grow further. After all, according to Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord, there are already more than 4 thousand agencies.

In Asia, the discount store operates an online store two years ago, so now it follows the first store in which the customer can also take their goods home with him. high magzin manager Aldi plans to invest more than five billion euros in the restructuring of its German branch offices and the creation of new branches abroad this year. It would be the largest investment program in the company's history.

Discounter expands: Aldi South in China, Aldi Nord in Europe

Here, the focus for Aldi South is China – there, sales must be made that were lost nationally last. On the other hand, Aldi Nord is expanding to neighboring countries: France, Poland and the Benelux countries are on the list, and there must also be new branches in Spain.

high Food Journal presents the pioneer of significantly higher German quality discount in Shanghai. The trader relied heavily on imported goods from Europe that were highly prized by the Chinese. Through this focus, it could address a richer clientele. In this regard, the business in China is not comparable to the bulk business of the discounter in other countries. Aldi wants to open at least 10 markets in the first step. The objective should be to operate from 50 to 100 branches in the medium term in order to economically use the central structures. For some Aldi customers in this country, the meat is likely to be on the shopping list. That's exactly what the Greens are a thorn – believes at least FDP leader Christian Lindner.

An Aldi customer in Germany, however, experienced an unpleasant surprise. She just wanted to eat some jelly – but when she opens the glass, her appetite may have sunk radically.


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