Saturday , October 23 2021

After the Stomach Works: Iris Abel has to go back to the knife?


Iris Abel (51) is about to embark on a real surgical marathon? As a candidate for the Summer House of Stars announced the wife of the farmer Uwe (49) last year who wanted to announce the excess weight of the fight. He said, done: iris Just a few weeks ago, it was possible to reduce the size of the stomach. The procedure, which should cause weight loss, could not have been the last. In an interview, she revealed now: You can also follow a Grease Apron removal!

"The goal of dreams is 60 kilos, to cut by half," said the 51-year-old. RTL out. "Again tense and sexy, why not? If you can help a little," she continued – she is still ready to go under the knife again. "I have to wait and see how it looks after it comes in. Since the coat hangs, I say, if it gets stuck, then of course I'll let it go"and so on.

What does your godfather say about his wife's willingness to undergo surgery? "Of course I'm afraid my wife will run away from me and that's why I'm trying to lose some weight", the cult builder joked.

Iris Abel, formerly Instagram / iris.abel.officialImage Gallery Button
Iris Abel, former participant "The Summerhouse of Stars"
Iris Abel, Instagram / irisabelofficial

Iris Abel, winner of the "Summer Home of the Stars" 2018
Iris and Uwe Abel in September 2018Instagram / iris.abel.official

Iris and Uwe Abel in September 2018

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