After protests by Islamists: examination of bribery against Christin


After the abolition of the death sentence against Christin Asia Bibi, Islam demonstrated for days in Pakistan. They have now reached an agreement with the government: they are reviewing the revision process and Bibi should stay in the country.

Following an agreement between Islamists and the government, protests in the Christian Democrats have ended in Pakistan. Both sides agreed that Asia Bibi could not leave the country until the decision of the supreme court of the country was reviewed.

According to the agreement, "the government does not oppose the petition for the withdrawal of the supreme court judgment on the release of Asia Bibi," said the radical Islamic group, the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) spokesman. In addition, they took steps to "prevent Bibi leaving the country".

Where the woman currently resides is unknown. In the media it can be said that he was already fleeing outside the country.

Attorney left the country

Saiful Malook's attorney has kept Pakistan away from the fear of living in the morning. "Under the current circumstances, I can not live in Pakistan," he said, before embarking on an airplane in Europe.

He must remain alive, "because he still has to fight in Asia's Bibi court," said the 62-year-old. "The safety of my family is also seriously compromised." But to protect his clients in court, he will return when the army provides security.

"The bankruptcy law of the rule of law"

Human rights activists criticized the treaty as a "bankruptcy statement of the rule of law". "The deal makes the Pakistani legal order as a victim of the Islamic Republic." If the Supreme Court ruled that the government should not allow Islamists to overrule jurisdiction, Ulrich Delius said in Göttingen, director of the society of vulnerable peoples.

Street protests broke out on Wednesday after the Christian Asia Bibi, condemned for blasphemy, was released for eight years in the deadly line of the Supreme Court of Islamabad. The 51-year-old Bibit was accused of controversial controversy among Muslim women in the village of Muhammad's prophet.

TLP demanded the execution of Bibi

The five-time mother was arrested in 2009 and was sentenced to death next year following the blasphemy blamed for the predominantly Muslim country. Following the annulment of the death penalty, TLP demanded the dismissal of Judges and the execution of Bibi.

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