Wednesday , November 25 2020

After Lübcke's death: Steinmeier condemns "cynical"

It is not yet clear why the Kassel government's president, Lübcke, was shot. Reactions to his death are already becoming a political issue. Federal President Steinmeier strongly criticized the incitement against Lübcke in the network.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier strongly criticized the statements on the network after the violent death of Kassel district president Walter Lübcke. Like some on the social networks frankly about his death, he was "cynical, tasteless, disgusting, in all unpleasant ways," Steinmeier said. He wants more public discussion and outrage over such unbearable reactions.

Steinmeier takes Facebook and Co to duty

In addition, the federal president called for a "sense of responsibility on the platforms that propagate such an incentive." Steinmeier strongly condemned the attacks of hatred and aggression against the municipal leaders. "Defamation and attacks, hate campaigns and physical violence against councilors and mayors are nothing to justify," he said. "We will not accept this in our country."

Lübcke had been insulted and ridiculed after his death on the network of right-wing extremists, many users were openly pleased with the act. "The bastard got the shot of mercy! RESPECT!", Writes user "Franz Brandwein" on YouTube. "Iceman DJ" adds: "A rat disgusting unless, still lack the others." And on Facebook was for example: "Even guilt, no pity, it will be Merkel and the others."

As district president, Lübcke was also responsible for setting up refugee shelters in his district in 2015. On hostility at a town hall meeting, he once said that it was worth living in Germany and defending local values. "Those who do not represent these values ​​can leave this country at any time – that is the freedom of all German." According to media reports, he was temporarily under personal protection for death threats.

Reason for unclear action

Lübcke, a 65-year-old politician, was found gunned down on Sunday. Investigators are based on recent findings of a fatal close-up shot and a crime, but have no concrete evidence as to why and the offender.

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