After heart attack: goalkeeper Casillas legend, except mortal danger


Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas suffered a heart attack during training on Wednesday. After being implanted with the so-called stent, he reported from the hospital.

At just 37 years old, Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas suffered a heart attack during training on Wednesday. The traditional Portuguese club FC Porto, in which Casillas has been under contract since 2015, said his condition is "stable" and that the heart problem was "solved." In the hospital, the former world champion and European underwent a cardiac catheterization and were implanted a so-called stent, which is to keep the constricted vascular system open, reported the TV station Tvi24, citing one familiar with the doctor's situation. He is not in mortal danger.

Picture of Casilla do hospital

Casillas tweeted a photo of herself with the raised thumb of the hospital. "Everything is fine here," wrote the goalkeeper and spoke of great terror. "Thank you all for the news and your support."

The former captain of Real Madrid, according to the newspaper "Observer" for the rest of the season. More recently, the goalkeeper was in the 2-2 draw against Rio Ave last Friday. Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos tweeted three prayer hands for @IkerCasillas in the afternoon. Countless fans flooded the social networks a few minutes after the announcement of the message, with a desire for a speedy recovery.

Real Madrid sent his "eternal" and "beloved" captain a message of happiness and "the courage of the world". Casillas has shown the team in their careers over and over how to "master the most incredible challenges" and that "this does not fit our philosophy of life."

Advance contract extension

Only in March Casillas had extended his contract of expiration with the traditional Portuguese club prematurely. With the team, the footballer born in Móstoles near Madrid in the 2017/18 season can win both the Portuguese championship and the Super Cup.

Previously, the father of two children played many years successfully at Real Madrid and won with the record champions, among others three times the Champions League, five times the Spanish championship and twice the Spanish Cup. With the Spanish team, he became twice European champion as team captain and world champion of 2010.


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