Adam seeks Eve: Gina-Lisa Lohfink reveals how many men she had sex with


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Some time ago, naked dandies in "Adam seeks Eve" sail around the Greek Aegean. Several candidates had to leave the ship, others joined. A new one did it for the right girls.

Jan Sokolowsky (29) – you probably know him since the first season of the dome show "Love Island" – barely entered the yacht of joy, as the candidate Marina (27) plays he already ran.


Jan Sokolowsky turns the girls' heads.

Jan Sokolowsky comes on board and is caught immediately

Immediately there is a boat ride for the newcomer. And because she obviously does not want to waste time, Marina also says an invitation: a place to sleep in her bed.

Anyway – that Jan likes to get in touch with reality shows, the euphoric Eva still remembers that.

"You appeared in front of the camera on Love Island, did not you?" She asks immediately. Jan replies, "It was under the blanket, you do not see anything." If we had also clarified that …

"Adam is looking for Eve": Marina asks Gina-Lisa Lohfink about sex

From the first flirtation, Jan is heading straight for the first challenge. He steps on the ground against the other guys Martin, Marvin and Antonino.

While the Adams are on board, Eve must pass the time themselves. And how would that be better than with a round spinning bottle? By the way, "Adam looking for Eva" is played with a gloss.


Jennifer, Gina-Lisa and Sherilyn exchange intimate details.

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The curious Marina needs more clarification, this time she crosses Ginny-Lisa.

She is as restrained as before with Jan. "How many men do you have in bed? Come on, honestly, then 100?" The woman must become a diplomat.

Ginny-Lisa calms down: "Less than a hundred! Not even 20, I think." Now we know that too …

Antonino may choose a new candidate "Adam in search of Eve"


Jan, Martin, Marvin and Antonino compete for the challenge.

In fact, competition on land is decided by Antonino. As a reward, he can choose one of two new candidates to embark and restore the balance between women and men.

He chooses the redhead Jennifer. And the Nacktreigen continues happily …

Since 2014 there is "Adam sucht Eve"

Since 2014, the dating service "Adam such Eve – Stranded in Paradise" is on RTL.

At the beginning of each episode, a single woman or single man paddles on a raft on a tropical island.

Near the coast, the candidates withdraw completely and jump off the board into the water. On the beach, male and female candidates meet for the first time and are naked during their stay on the island.

On the island, they know each other better. If they get along, they can dress in a hotel and have another date.

Now the two singles can decide whether to pick the key to a shared hotel room or say goodbye to another day and night together.

Nude Celebrities in Dating

By 2016, celebrities could also get naked (read more here). The seven celebrities among the 18 nominees were Leonore Bartsch, Janni Hönscheid, Sarah Joelle Jahnel, Daniel Köllerer, Peer Kusmagk, Ronald Schill and Janina Youssefian.

First son of "Adam in search of Eve"

Since the shooting, Kusmagk and Hönscheid, 25, are a couple. Shortly before, Kusmagk had separated from her also Anna, 25, because the age difference was very large.

Kusmagk and Hönscheid now also have a son (here you can get all the information) – the first son "Adam in search of Eve".

All episodes of "Adam sucht Eva" will be available exclusively on TVNOW from 04.11.2018:



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