Thursday , June 24 2021

Abuse of High School Girls: High Prison for Swimming Instructors

The district court in Baden-Baden condemned the 34-year-old swimming instructor, who had been charged with nearly 200 sexual abuse, 12-year prison and subsequent pre-trial detention. The court found him guilty of committing the series of abuse cases involving about 40 swimming students in the region between Kuppenheim and Lörrach.

The district court thus largely followed the demands of the prosecution, which demanded a ten-day trial in the morning on the allegations of a 12-year, six-month prison sentence and a subsequent preventive detention for the 34-year-old swimming instructor. However, the verdict of the judiciary is based on only 130 proven cases, since the statements made by the victims during the trial were in part contradictory.

Prosecutor continues to see a danger

Prosecutor Stephanie Bauer has found in her application against it, as proven that the man in at least 184 cases of swimming students in the region has passed and that he continues to pose a danger. That she had already reduced the number of acts, the prosecutor explained that the number of classes in which individual victims participated and abused was reviewed after repeated revisions.

Prosecutor calls perpetrator of "beaten"

"The defendant does not show a minimum of discernment," Bauer explained. She accused him of "insensitivity." Prohibition alone is not enough to protect the public as there is a high risk of relapse.

Attorney follows appraiser

The prosecutor followed the statements of psychiatric specialist Stephan Bork of the University Hospital of Tübingen. He had found the accused German-Ukrainians guilty: a "serious mental disorder" he could not find in the man. However, the psychiatrist sees a high risk of relapse, because the defendant does not admit his pedophile tendencies. His actions were partially filmed and photographed by the swimming instructor. This evidence was found by police investigators during the searches at the defendant's Baden-Baden apartment.

Cases of Serious Abuse

The man is accused of serious abuse in six cases because he invaded the victims. In court, the defendant attempted to transfer the guilt, especially in these serious cases, to one of his former employers. The swimming school operator discovered some photos of child pornography on the company's camera and then blackmailed the swimming instructor to deliver more material and commit more serious acts of abuse. The prosecutor suspended investigations against the former chief after a few weeks and called the swimming teacher's allegations as an unfounded "protective claim."

Defender calls for six years in prison

The defendant pleaded for a six-year prison sentence – and against pre-trial detention. In his final executions, lawyer Christian Süß suddenly spoke of seven years in prison, he corrected himself only with requests from media representatives. Suffrage advocates, representing 23 families in the suit, agreed with the prosecutor's claim that it was crucial for his clients that pre-trial detention be imposed so that the defendant "never" abused the children again.

Private swimming pool courses

Its victims – exclusively girls – were abused by the man at several private swimming schools in the region. Crime scenes were indoor swimming pools in Kuppenheim, Baden-Baden, Gernsbach, Achern, Lörrach and Bad Herrenalb. The youngest victims of abuse were only four years old.

The BNN had reported extensively on the lawsuit.

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