Thursday , October 21 2021

20 minutes – Coca-Cola's energy drink threatens to stop


Coca-Cola climbed into the ring with Red Bull a few days ago: the American beverage giant brought an energy drink to the supermarket shelves. In Germany, the caffeine drink is now available. In Switzerland, too, the shower should enter the market "sooner or later," as the company said 20 minutes ago on request.


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But if it's ever to be this far, it's in the stars: Coca-Cola Energy threatens to stop sales. However, it is not the Austrian competitor Red Bull that causes problems, but the energy drinker Monster.

Krux lies in good impression

In 2015, Coca-Cola bought about 17% of the worldwide distribution rights and shares for Monster for more than $ 2 billion. But a clause in the contract forbids Coca-Cola, in principle, from acting in the field of energy drinks, as writes.

However, the contract should also be mentioned exceptions. An army of lawyers is now discussing whether Coca-Cola's energy drink is an exception or whether the energy drink violates the agreement. The dispute was latent for a few months, but has now reached its peak.

Advertising campaign of millions of people

Coca-Cola is apparently confident. As the group tells, they are moving forward with the launch of Coca-Cola Energy. Both Monster and the arbitral tribunal were informed of the move. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola is vigorously tweaking the news: apparently the company has promoted an advertising campaign worth 7 million euros.

If Monster, however, is right, the company wants the Coke Energy drink to be banned from the shelves. A decision awaits Monster next week. If it really came to a sell-off, the court case would probably continue, because Coca-Cola would not be a defeat in view of the millionaire release hardly easy to sit down.

Growing Market

With the new beverage, Coca-Cola wants to benefit from the growing energy division. Market leader Red Bull alone achieved a turnover of 5.5 billion euros in 2018 with its products. That's an increase of 3.8%. The Austrian company sold 6.79 billion cans of Red Bull.


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