1. FC Cologne: Marcel Risse is hot on the HSV-Knaller: "Everyone is waiting for the game"


Cologne –

It's the game of games in the 2nd Bundesliga! The two major favorites of the 1. FC Cologne and Hamburger SV promotion meet.

FC Marcel Risse's favorite (28) speaks in the EXPRESS interview about the anticipation of the league explosion and explains what the FC expects.

Mr. Crack, how long did it take to digest the glass?
That was very bitter. The next day, of course, someone thought about it. But as of Friday the focus was completely on HSV.

What do you take from the Schalke game to the league fight?
We can certainly have the guts of the game. We saw in the video analysis that we used the opponent well. We were at eye level, so we can draw a lot. In addition, the atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic, just like in the Bundesliga. After the game, you know why the hard way for the Second League is worth it.

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What do you expect from a game in Hamburg?
I think we can expect a similar match against the HSV against Schalke. It will not be a typical second division game.

They are the league's two great favorites, now we are meeting. It's a special game everyone in the league expected.

How do you expect the HSV under the new coach?
Of course the hamburgers want to win against their own backdrop. They want and have to offer something to their fans, since the results in front of a crowd have not yet been voted. So the pressure is probably bigger with hamburgers than with us.

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How tendencies are the game?
First of all, there are three points that we naturally want to take with us. After that, there are still many games to play in the season. However, it is important for the following weeks to achieve a sense of accomplishment against rivals direct rivals.

Who counts for you alongside FC and HSV even for league favorites?
It's extremely tight at the moment, so it's hard to name the favorites next to Hamburg and Cologne. Union Berlin is not bad. There are teams that have a chance to get close and become dangerous to us. We must avoid this by getting our quality and getting good results.

You currently have as many points as in the last year of promotion right now. Do you remember 2013/14?
No, I felt it was a completely different situation. At that time, we had an even greater change. This time, we can prepare for almost half a year what is to come.

At that time, everything had changed in the summer holidays, there were eight players in the first training and expectations were quite different. It was not expected after the whole changes that we directly raise again. The goal of the current season, however, has already been announced last season.

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Is the squad better busy than it was then?
It's always hard to say, you can not compare it. We know we have a well-trained squad now. We have people in the back rooms who can decide the games.

You'd rather play in front or back, right?
It's not about where I feel most comfortable, but about where the coach sees me. Since I like to adjust my needs back. It's only in this important season just to win games.

Fans always react with a lot of sensitivity to injury. Are you the same?
It's never good to get hurt. However, I now know how to pay attention to the signs of my body, because I am extremely busy to collect as many minutes of gameplay as possible. I'm also honest with myself when it's not 100% – because I can not help the team. At the moment I feel good.

They said in late 2017, "I wish my daughter would see me play." How happy are you to be able to fulfill that desire quickly?
Of course, this makes me very happy and I hope there is much more.


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