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Zombie Boy's death was "accidental"

The suicide trail of Zombie boy It seems definitely ruled out. The Canadian model, who died at 32 in Montreal last year, is accidentally deceased, according to the coroner's report published Monday.

"Mr. Rick Stephan Genest (the real name of Zombie Boy, Ed) died of a head injury after falling off a third floor balcony of a residential building. This is an accidental death, "the coroner's office in Quebec, a magistrate responsible for investigating suspicious deaths, said in a statement.

The model's lifeless body was found early in the evening of August 1, 2018 in Montreal, and Canadian media and singer Lady Gaga argued that he probably died of mental health problems.

"Heavily intoxicated with alcohol"

Toxicology tests revealed that he was "highly intoxicated with alcohol" at the time of his death, and presence of cannabis in the blood was also observed, according to the coroner's report, Mélissa Gagnon.

According to the building's surveillance cameras, Genest went out for a smoke and "did not seem to be in a state of psychosis or delirium when he went out to the balcony", said the statement. Well socially surrounded and motivated by his artistic projects, he had no "clear and unambiguous intention to end his life," according to the coroner.

"Some relatives of Genest indicated that he used to sit on the porch ramp outside the building when he went out for a smoke." Considering this habit and its very advanced drunkenness, it is plausible that Genest accidentally fell off the balcony, "she continues.

90% of tattooed body

Close of 90% of this Montreal model's body was covered in tattoos, "Zombie" trend: skull on face, brain drawn on skull, plus various bones and other carnivorous insects.

Her 2011 appearance on Lady Gaga's music video, "Born This Way", has earned her international fame. From Paris to Milan, from Berlin to New York, he has multiplied fashion shows, including Thierry Mugler or the ready-to-wear singer Jay-Z's collection.

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