your photo with Franck Dubosc represents a problem … network users loose!


This weekend, Karine Le Marchand was spotted playing her friend Franck Dubosc, whom she managed as a special guest at An Intimate Ambition last year.

And the TV presenter dined with the comedian and his wife, Danièle, ten years younger. There was no Raphael (born January 6, 2010) and Milhan (born October 28, 2012), his two adorable children.

In her Instagram account, Karine, 50 years old and very attached, wanted to share a photo of this meeting at Murat, a famous Parisian restaurant.

But subscribers to the star of the Six did not see this post with a good eye. In fact, they were many to blame the main interested in appearing next to Franck Dubosc, whose production in the Yellow Vests caused a great discredit in his person.

"Sorry, but Dubosc I can not see him in the painting since he made his false video in support of the yellow vests, to say he has nothing to do … He did not understand, he earns too much to open his eyes "" Disappointed with this guy "," What a mess of a woman of your size … Have to endure that kind of face !!! "," Dubosc much in the photo ", we can actually read in the shooting comments of Karine Le Marchand and Dubosc.

No question for the great girlfriend of passionate farmers, to let go without saying anything. "If you had seen your show Une Ambition Intime, you would know that Franck can not forget where he came from … he is my friend and I adore him unreservedly"she replied to her detractors.

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Anne-Sophie Jilot-Guerand


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