Your erection problems may be due to your dental hygiene


From there, you will know that impeccable oral hygiene is the source of many pleasures.

Since our childhood, our parents have told us that brushing teeth three times a day is of the utmost importance. However, by growing up, few everyday heroes can find time at the workplace to brush their teeth at lunchtime. If in general, morning and afternoon are respected, the rigor of the south leaves nothing to be desired. From now on, with the information we give you on a silver platter, gentlemen, you no longer run the risk of putting your oral hygiene in the background.

According to a study by Amada Martin Amat, a University of Granada student, and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, oral hygiene is closely related to erectile problems that may affect some men. In fact, men subject to regular inflammation of the gums would see the risk of being a victim of a duplicate erectile disorder. A link that can be explained by a bacterium that affects the unkempt gums, and can get to touch other cells, causing some men impotence.


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