Yellow vests: Cyril Hanouna cut by the government


Cyril Hanouna is throwing a red carpet with yellow vests? For two nights in a row, he invites the delegates of the movement to the Do not touch my position, offering them a grandstand in prime time that begins to shrink in high places. An approach taken by the presenter, who wants to offer them a retransmitter in the media, even becomes their "spokesperson." This initiative was taken earlier this week when he was stopped by yellow vests at the exit of the TPMP, deciding at the time to invite them the next day at their show. "I'm passing you by at 8:30 p.m. and you say exactly what you have to say …"

On Tuesday evening, a delegation took the opportunity to pass on a few messages on the air claiming "the resignation" of President Macron, arguing that 2 to 3 million people were demonstrating last Saturday – no more than 280,000 as indicated by the Ministry of the Interior – denouncing the attitude of the media that, according to them, shows "the opposite of what is happening on the ground." One of them even thought that the images were censored on social networks: by whom and why? We will no longer know, Cyril Hanouna, obviously in a hurry, preferring to change the subject … "We, what we would like you, is for the message to advance, for the government to make decisions," added the presenter on the plateau. I can be your spokesperson on TV and if you want to come see me … we will. "

"It's unacceptable"

Sequences that made the Secretary of State of the Mounir Digital Mahjoubi jump. In an interview with the opinion, he felt that the speakers had not been sufficiently contradictory in the set of TPMP. "Cyril Hanouna invited several yellow vests, one of whom passed the whole show constantly telling lies, true false news, denouncing a state conspiracy against the yellow vests, a state conspiracy against democracy, explaining that there was a coalition between Facebook, the State and Twitter, that we would be in permanent censorship! And that was not denied by anyone at any time! That means we can go in today with a yellow vest and say anything about all the antennas, and that's unacceptable. "

The message seems to have been heard. On Wednesday evening, another delegation was on the set, but this time Hanouna was careful to invite properly licensed opponents. The yellow jackets were found in front of representatives of artisans and small traders to discuss the impact of the movement on the economy, the eve of the great race for the holiday season … With a little less bite than the day before. However, we run the risk of reviewing the famous vests in the C8: Tuesday evening, welcoming the demonstrators, TPMP reached a very good audience, with 1.9 million spectators identified in front of the show, far ahead daily.


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