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Yellow vests a year later: tensions in Paris, calm in the regions … What to remember this Saturday's mobilization


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Rage of yellow vests

MOBILIZATION – In the 53rd "act", the Yellow Vests are back on the streets this Saturday, November 16, the eve of the movement's first anniversary. According to the Interior, 28,000 people mobilized across France, including 4,700 in Paris, where clashes broke out with police.

They had not been that numerous since early March. On the first anniversary of the yellow vest movement, which began on November 17, 2018, especially against rising fuel prices, 28,000 people rallied across France on Saturday, according to figures provided by the Ministry of Interior – " yellow number "gives you an estimated 39,530 protesters. The last submission of this request is from March 9th. Still according to Beauvau, 28,600 people had broken the sidewalk in several cities of the hexagon.

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Growing mobilization that enamelled many scenes of violence, especially in Paris, where authorities identified 4700 protesters. Initially concentrated around Place d 'Italie, clashes continued until early evening on the downtown streets, especially in the Les Halles district, with sometimes tense face-to-face meetings between small breaker groups and the police.

Outbreak of violence in the capital

Burned-out vehicles, burned-out construction equipment and trash cans, looted bus shelters … The sporadic attacks of these groups quickly turned into an explosion of violence. In the center of the square, in the 13th arrondissement, a monument in memory of Marshal Juin was partially degraded, and later, as a sign of increasing tension, some people went directly to a police car in front of the police station. town hall.

Clashes that led Mayor Didier Lallement to cancel an authorized event that was due to begin at 2 pm toward North Station. At a press conference justifying his decision, Michel Delpuech's successor called the protesters "individuals who did not advocate a cause but began to destroy" and "systematic attacks on security forces and firefighters."

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At 8:00 pm, while tear gas was still being used by police, police headquarters registered a total of 147 people arrested and the Paris prosecutor's office with 129 people in police custody.

Some incidents in the regions

In the regions, the first demonstrations began in the morning and continued globally without incident. In the southeast, for example, yellow jackets have reinvested some roundabouts, handing out leaflets to drivers without significant degradation or disturbance. Same thing in the southwest, with a hundred protesters in Albi, Tarn, some fists in Auch, Gers.

Roundabouts were also reinvested in Normandy, Caen and Rouen and Brittany, mainly in Vannes. They were 700 in Lille to ask for more "social justice, tax justice, climate justice".

The situation was, however, more tense in Nantes, where clashes took place around 4 pm between police and almost 1,000 protesters, according to city hall data. In Montpellier, LaREM deputy Patrick Vignal's stay was the target of the protesters, with a broken glass and several anarchist inscriptions marked on the building, reports the AFP.

In Lyon, tear gas was fired in a busy area of ​​the city center. In Bordeaux there were 600 demonstrations and several hundred in Toulouse, where tear gas and water cannons were used.

Finally, in Grenoble, the unitary protest against the policy of Emmanuel Macron, which brought together yellow coats, trade unions (GCT, FSU, Solidaires, Unsa, CNT) and mobilized several hundred people in a calm environment. Organizers see a "preparation for December 5", the date of an inter-professional strike feared by the executive.

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