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why should we scrupulously verify your career statement


Have you received an individual declaration of Retirement Insurance, Agirc-Arrco or Social Security for Independents? Don't throw it away after going through one! Here is why.

When you're in your thirties or forties, retirement is still a distant oasis, or even a mirage, so that several pensions won't hurt your future pension. All recent research and consultations illustrate the retirement age for workers. In this context, what to do with the individual situation report? A document that lists all of your past activities, but where you can find no simulation or explanation about calculating your future pension.

Where can you find your career statement?

The individual status report, or RIS, is sent to all French who have turned 35 and then every 5 or 50 years. It is replaced by more detailed information from 55 years old.

Nothing, however, requires you to wait for birthdays: This information is available at any time on the Info-Retirement website, but few people know it! says Valrie Batigne, founding president of Sapiendo Retraite.

Retirement Information: An Easy Connection to France Connect

The personalized information available on is updated annually (between January and June) from your first contribution. You can create your personal space by connecting to FranceConnect using their Impots.gouv, Le Poste or Ameli identifiers. You will only need your Social Security number.

Detailed information is also available on the Retirement Insurance, Agirc-Arrco, etc. websites. However, only Retirement Information provides an overview of basic and supplementary plans.

What to look for and verify your statement

We do not care about this document, regrets, regrets Valrie Batigne. Must be maintained and especially read and understand! This is the summary of your professional career, all schemes combined, including for a farmer, a trader. One sheet is dedicated to each scheme: one for the basic employee scheme, one for the supplementary pension, etc. Specifically, if you've been a private employee for your entire career, a leaflet is dedicated to retirement insurance (CNAV), basic diet. one second leaflet discount your points AGIRC ARRCO, Agirc (for executives) and Arrco (all priv wages) merged in 2019. One last sheet, with a slow Information Pension, offers to you summary of all your rights: Basic retirement, expressed in quarters, and additional, in points.

Valrie Batigne of Sapiendo Retraite gives first advice: Make sure all your professional experiences are in this document.. In theory, it's all there, but we are regularly reminded of omissions. Check, for example, if there are four quarters a year that Sil needs so far, take care of this by sending proof of retirement insurance. Or if you need to work with a former employer.

This document also identifies a lack of a specific supplementary scheme. An example, detailed by Agirc-Arrco: If before entering professional life, you made some odd jobs, these odd jobs may have allowed you to get rights in other regimesfor example, the Farm Workers Compensation Plan (MSA) if you have done any seasonal farm work, or Ircantec points out whether you have taught or studied in high school or high school. Except in the case of an administrative error, these experiences and the corresponding points and quarters should appear in your career report.

General and supplementary schemes: what difference?

Supplementary has nothing to do with retirement savings (PER, Perp, Madelin), which responds to a logic of personal capitalization! The retirement pension is divided into two families: the basic retirement plan (Retirement Insurance, MSA, Social Security for Independent Workers) and the supplementary scheme (Agirc, Arrco, Ircantec, Cipav, formerly RSI). The method of calculation in these two schemes is different.

To basic retirement, the number of accommodation (maximum 4 per year) allows you to determine a rate, which will be applied to average annual salary of your best 25 years. Some additional items, such as the number of children, may increase this basic value.

To supplementary retirementunder the Agirc-Arrco scheme for private companies, each experience allows you to accumulate points, which have a value directly convertible to euros: in theory, simply multiply the number of points by the point value, explains Valrie Batigne. So for one point Agirc-Arrco 1,271[[[[amount in November 2019, issued]If you have 1000 points, you will be entitled to a pension of 1271 euros per year for the supplementary scheme. The point is an annuity and annual life in gross euros before charges and taxes! But you must be aware that the point value may vary.

How to translate your statement into retirement rights?

The statement of the individual situation lacks a translation into euros, according to Sapiendo Retraite founder. The solution? Use an online simulator. Either that proposed by Info Retirement or one of the many independent actor simulators, which usually offer retirement optimization after this stage.

The Retirement Information Simulator Some Additional Information: Family Status, Current Activity, Salary Level Next, you will receive an estimate of how your income has evolved, with various scenarios (stable income over the years, gradual increase, etc.). You then get a amount monthly pension more or less important accordingmatch slectionn, between 62 and 67 years, chance of luck for a full automatic fee. You finally find a gross pension estimate, convertible to net, and the percentage on the one hand basic dietsand on the other hand at complementary.

This simulation also lets you know the number of contribution rooms required to get the full board. At this point, your career research makes it possible to identify the years you have insufficiently contributed to 4 rooms being validated. Important information, as these incomplete years open the door for a room redemption prior to your departure retirement in order to optimize your pension.

Free interview 45 years, indicative estimate 55 years

At 55, 60, and 65, you no longer receive a simple statement of the situation, but a general indicative estimate, which summarizes the entitlements acquired in all plans and includes an estimate of your pension.

In addition, at age 45, you can request a free pension information interview at your reference pier in order to make a personalized observation.

Will pension reform make this statement obsolete?

Will pension reform currently being conducted by the government and piloted by Jean-Paul Delevoye undermine the entire current system? Impossible to know him, because Matignon repeats to himself that nothing is cut! The main intention of the government, however, is not to create a universal system to replace the many regimes currently in place.

Can career research be forgotten? Above all, cut Valrie Batigne: There will necessarily be a right to photograph on the eve of retirement. And these rights will be converted to euros before they are converted to points in the new system. So be vigilant before retirement! However, it should always be possible to report supervision as soon as pension reform is in place. And to avoid a chaotic retreat, the search for lost credentials of Grard Depardieu's image in the movie Mammuth, she gives one last tip: keep all your proof of income: in your wallet don't play anything and scan the whole.

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