Who can benefit from an exceptional deadline for your income tax return?


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In 2019, exceptionally, would you have until the end of June to declare your income tax administration? Wrong! Bercy did not receive a generalized postponement of the deadline, with that extra time being limited to a handful of taxpayers.

Yesterday, the Editions group Francis Lefebvre indicated on its website that the deadline for filing the income tax returns will be set June 25. What would be a delay of about a month, according to taxpayers! This information is based on an announcement of the services of Bercy at a conference of the Institute of Tax Consultants (IACF).

But this exceptional delay, reserved for the online statement, does not concern all taxpayers! Only intermediaries (lawyers and accountants) who sign electronic statements on behalf of their clients, and provided the statements include professional income (or exceptional income), in accordance with The world retransmitting a clarification of the tax administration. This delay, which also concerns the declaration of the tax on real estate assets, is due to the problem of the white year and the difficult classification of income – usual or exceptional – for certain taxpayers, as well as by the equally delicate INDEPENDENT mechanism.

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The calendar of the 2018 2018 income tax return campaign has not yet been officially released by Bercy. but The world and Editions Francis Lefebvre delivered a provisional calendar. Homes for the 19 departments will have until midnight and a half to report their income online, departments 20-49 through May 28, and departments 50 through Tuesday, June 4. For taxpayers to still declare their paper income, the deadline should be May 16.

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