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when the inhabitants of a district of Toulouse declare war on the tiger mosquito


One hundred Toulouse families decided to attack the tiger mosquito, particularly virulent in its gardens.

The tiger mosquito returns every summer in France, and its sting can be dangerous. The insect is a potential vector of dengue, chikungunya and zika. One hundred families from a district of Toulouse decided to face it, with the help of the Regional Health Agency and the technical support of the city hall. They were baptized, humorously, "the brigade of the tiger."

Two families from the neighborhood launched the idea and quickly the neighbors came together. Four of them are trained scientists, including Isabelle : "We noticed that this mosquito lives in a radius of 100 to 150m² around its nesting site.The problem is that the gardens in our neighborhood are very close to each other and that this area includes several gardens" She says. Hence the importance of group action in the attempt to eradicate the scourge.

The brigade members approached the Regional Health Agency to try to find help. Yvonne went to the gardens, accompanied by a technician to learn good practices. And she learned her lesson well. Stop the jasmins that fall on the ground or the bamboos that create a dense barrier in which mosquitoes like to nest.

Try pruning trees, plants and fences to ensure that air always passes and mosquitoes can not nest.Yvonne, a resident of the neighborhoodin franceinfo

Another, more radical solution: set a trap. There are two types: one for larvae and one for adult mosquitoes. The principle of the small trap, dedicated to the larvae, is simple: "The females will put on a small wooden board, half immersed in the water of the trap, explains Patrick, director of research at Inserm, the national institute of health and medical research. The eggs will slide to the bottom, they will hatch, the larvae may rise, but they will not be able to leave. " The other trap, for adult mosquitoes, is a type of vacuum cleaner along with a human odor diffuser. "The mosquitoes are attracted by the smell, towards the center of the trap, where they are sucked and fall in the bottom, in a kind of bag"Patrick's details.

This first citizen of the "tiger brigade" hopes to be imitated elsewhere in Toulouse. Its members prepare the launch of an informative blog, thanks to the experience of a young computer fan.

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