"What she says about us is shameful and scandalous"


A few days ago, Elizabeth Quin felt that BFMTV was "in an incredibly bad role" with the "yellow vests." Brice Toussaint, a journalist and presenter on the news channel, who had been invited by our TV Mag colleagues yesterday, replied without chewing his words:

"I had a lot of respect for her, but what she says is shameful and outrageous, it's unfortunate, what Elizabeth Quin does, she does not have an audience with her show?" Is the art public clean?

In contrast, is the BFMTV audience dirty? Media criticism is good, but let's raise the bar. This is not your level. "

But the journalist does not hesitate also to make a mea-culpa on the choices of the BFM:

"With the yellow vests, it took a while to figure out what was going on, no one saw it coming in. I understand that viewers and listeners may have been bothered by certain choices.

But since then, decisions have been made at BFMTV. For example, you avoid transmitting images in a loop or focus too much on an action. We should probably do even better. "


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