What is the purpose of the journey of the thirty claimants to the crown?


Miss Franco-Comté, Miss Provence, Miss Côte-d'Azur and Miss Picardie toast with their welcome cocktail at the Dinarobin hotel. – Laurent VU / SIPA

  • Since Wednesday, the thirty regional longings that wish to become the Miss France 2019 are in Mauritius.
  • Photos, videos for election night … The trip serves as a frame for a number of images.
  • But behind these images, it is also used to evaluate the group.

Fine sand, turquoise water, relaxed and smiling, you miss … In Mauritius, longing is spoiled. Set up in a luxury hotel, spoiled by a team of makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists, they will surely make a trip that will mark their lives. But it is also here that we begin to judge them to see if they have the shoulders to become
Miss France. And that's not an easy task.

Raised at 5 am before busy days, the fault should be pleasing with all the people they encounter during the day. Beauty crews, photographers, journalists, hotel employees … Everyone should feel comfortable with them. "For example, on Wednesday, Miss Tahiti had a very busy day and was very available to everyone," says Caroline Gavignet, the artistic producer of the Miss France program. It is important to us that they do not distinguish between teams. And everyone is watching.

"The general culture contest is important"

Two escorts, the beauty teams, the professionals who prepare them for the contest, Sylvie Tellier and the production are attentive to the qualities of the regional faults. "We look at everything," jokes the executive director of Miss France. More particularly, the spirit of camaraderie, elegance, manners … And, of course, the photogenic and the way of walking, we are in a beauty pageant. For Miss France 2002, "the general culture contest is important". But other members of the selection board emphasize other qualities.

Because the teams surrounding the girls during the trip are also those who will vote in the selection of the twelve candidates who can continue the adventure, revealed live on television on the night of the election. "We pay close attention to the evolution of a girl," says Sylvie Tellier. That's why the preparation lasts a month. Arrived in Lille to the last straight line, the counters are reset to zero. "

The journey of homesickness is also for many the first opportunity to rub the life of Miss France. "There are girls who take things lightly and who have not understood the question: Miss France is consulted daily and needs to know how to adapt to any situation," says Caroline Gavignet. We offer the opportunity to miss to realize that it is not for them and to tell us that they do not want to become Miss France. "

The search for a false step?

In the opinion of the Miss France organization, it is not possible to be fired after a single mistake. "The idea is not to blame them," says Caroline Gavignet. "They are spoiled for it, so it's important they understand it's a chance to be there, even if they have significant hours and obligations. in any way finds unacceptable defects.

"A girl who responds to the production is not possible." In a squeeze, a stupidity passes, but we apologize, Sylvie Tellier, a girl who does not trust the artistic, does not pass, as well. , they remove everything to do it again.This is not correct, especially since the teams are open to discussion.Usually, we do not like those who do not respect people who are not friendly with their girlfriend. bathroom knowing that the other will not be able to prepare, which does not wake up the girlfriend who lost her alarm clock … "

"A dream come true"

On the side of lack, the same sound of the bell. Estelle Sabathier, chief of communications for Miss France, had a life of longing before. Representative of Brittany in 2012, she shared Marine Lorphelin's room, Miss France 2013, in Mauritius during her preparation trip. For her, this trip remains an enchanted parenthesis: "I remember everything as it was yesterday, all the staff, every smile … For me it was a daydream. We were impressed with gifts."

"Of course, it's a beauty pageant, so I made sure I was at the top of the list every night to point it out," explains Breton. "From the beginning I understood that you had to be cool all the time with everyone. Miss France was and still is the school of life.I really believe that we have learned that we have enriched this adventure.I gained a lot of confidence in me and this enabled me to succeed in my memory. "

And obviously, the qualities of failure had seduced the jury of the time. "I finished twelve," Estelle Sabathier recalls, "I was told that I was a natural choice because I was a complete failure, and I am very proud to say that I was second in the general test of culture! was so beneficial that she then offered him a job, in which she in turn conveyed advice to the newcomers.


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