"we will continue the planned trajectory" (François de Rugy)


Taxation: "we will continue the planned trajectory" (François de Rugy)

Paris – Ecological Transition Minister François de Rugy announced that the government will continue the "planned trajectory" in terms of ecological taxation in an interview with the Parisian.

Asked on Saturday about the carbon tax increase planned for January 1, the minister assured that "in terms of ecological taxation, we will continue on the path planned. Do not do that would be unconscious."

"We were elected to solve the problems we left behind and we will continue to do so relentlessly, it is absolutely necessary to get out of this trap of any car, any oil, any diesel in which we lock ourselves so long," says François de Rugy, while almost 283 a thousand "yellow jackets", according to the Interior Ministry, mobilized on Saturday against rising fuel taxes.

"It is precisely necessary to keep up the steps we have taken to free ourselves from dependence on oil and thus avoid" that a possible explosion in the price of a barrel of oil "one day shakes our economy," added the finance minister. Ecological transition.

As for the movement of "yellow vests," he claims to have "seen above all the expression of the deep concern of the inhabitants of a suburban France stuck in each car …. This France has the feeling of" belonging to the invisible in the political debate " .

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