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WAV audio files détournés for malware detection

WAV audio files detournés pour masquer du code malveillant – Geeko

New security rapports affirm that the creators of malware using the WAV audio files for the spread of viruses and smartphones to the victims. On parle ici de
 stéganographie, l'art of dissimuler certaines informations in the donre autre support. In the case of the present, the following is the way to dissimulate a file or a text – a code malveillant – a file, a registration with a different format – a WAV audio file.

The most frequent figure cases are the dissimulation of the code malveillant or cœur d'un file image, the more semblerit than the misleading persons with a point of the same type of dissimulation. Unusually, as there is no report on the rapports of Symantec and Blackberry Cursor securité rapids, ZDnet helps me with the diffusion of malware through WAV audio files.

In the meantime, the pirates can be contoured by the logic of the securite and deployed to the ordinaries. From here on the remarks by the Chercheurs in the Symantec securite, the computer pirates on the basis of this method for spying on the uses of the infected are infected. Dans d´autres cas, l´astuce sert à miner de la
cryptomonnaie à l'insu des propriétaires de

Unite sophistiquée

Selon Josh Lemos, vice-president of the head of BlackBerry Cylance, said he had the cryptominage malware autonomous in sophistication. The use of staging techniques requires an appraisal of the format of the file format to ZDnet. This is generally used for the sophistication of which I am most likely to have detached pending a long period. '

A sophistication which in the past has to be used by the utilities and logic of the securite to be defended against the types of files, the cell in the relevant place for the software and the cell to render the navigation by the impossible utilities. In the rematch, the logic of the second securité is concentrated on the detection of the point or the infection of the malware which uses the algorithm for the introduction of a machine.

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