VIDEO. Patrols on the pony, rabbit brigades … Police draw their best jokes for April 1


Pimpin, the new nightmare of drug traffickers – national gendarmerie

  • April 1, we make jokes! And the police are not the last to do that.
  • Rabbit brigades, cats detecting lies, pony patrols … Police and cops have implanted treasures of the imagination to make people laugh.

Cats used as lie detector? "These cats have the ability to detect stress, perspiration … from our custody," the Gendarmerie du Rhone told Twitter on Monday. Do not worry, it's obviously an April 1 joke (the cat in the photo belongs to a police officer and did not mistreat the man in front of him). "It's a small nod to our dog teams," smiles captain Nadia Mostefa, chief of communications for the gendarmerie's region.

Spreading jokes on social networks is a good way to "build an Internet connection," showing "that under the uniforms, there are men and women who have humor," she explains. 20 minutes. Local police officers have broken their minds to find "original" and "somewhat credible" ideas. Last year, they tried to believe that the eagles flew across the highways to identify motorists committing crimes!

"Bunny Research Group"

In several departments, the gendarmes also played the traditional April 1 fraud game. In the Loire, those of Saint-Etienne took the pose in front of the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium with a "new uniform" after they changed their traditional blue polo shirt … for a green, of course! As for the Ardeche gendarmes, they announced the establishment of "pony patrols" this summer. "Rustic and agile, they will allow police officers to follow the steep paths of the department."

In Essonne, the gendarmes presented the "group of rabbit investigations", composed of rodents specially trained to detect the drug "where dogs can not go". (Accuracy: according to the
Colonel Karine Lejeune, Essonne's commanding group, the animal in the photo is called "Pimpin". That's right, you know it all.) Rabbits with impressive "olfactory and auditory qualities" also make up the ranks of the "police brigades" of the national police on April 1.

Free narcotics test

Finally, in Savoie, the police offer Internet users a "free trial" on the quality of their narcotics. Those who still decide to go to a police station with a ball of shit or a dose of cocaine can then be accommodated "on the spot" by agents who undertake to present their "Moogly" dog. Who said the police did not like to laugh?


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