Values ​​to follow in Paris and Europe



PARIS (Reuters) – Prices on Friday on the Paris Stock Exchange and Europe:

Natixis – H2O Asset Management, a UK-based management company with 49.99% ownership of Natixis, denied on Thursday that it faced liquidity problems in three of its funds after suspending Morningstar from its Allegro rating. HSBC lowered its "hold" recommendation against "buy" and reduced its target price to € 4.

KORIAN – Canadian pension fund PSP Investments announced on Thursday that it cut its stake to 6.6% of the capital, selling 5.7 million shares at a unit price of 32.87 euros. The title ended the day at 34.60 euros.

* RENAULT and Nissan have reached agreement on Renault's representation on the powerful boards of directors of the Japanese manufacturer. Jean-Dominique Senard will attend the Nominating Committee, while Thierry Bolloré, Renault's CEO, will join the Audit Committee, confirmed Nissan on Thursday.

* SANOFI reported Friday's first positive results from Phase II trials of anti-IL-33 antibody in the treatment of asthma.

TELECOM ITALIA today announced an agreement with CDP's public facility and ENEL electrician to discuss ways to bring its high-speed fiber-optic network and that of its competitor Open Fiber closer, including through a merger.

* DEUTSCHE BANK expects to remain restricted in the United States even if it passes the annual stress tests, part of which will be known on Friday, three pasta sources said. The bond loses 1.1% on avant-Bourse exchanges, according to broker Lang & Schwarz.

* UBISOFT – The Guillemot family plans to remain a long-term benchmark shareholder at Ubisoft, Guillemot Brothers Ltd., the holding company's parent company, said Thursday in a statement.

* MARIE BRIZARD WINE AND SPIRITS announced Thursday in a statement having signed on May 17 with banks a letter confirming the maintenance of the suspension of the expected payment of the medium-term loan until February 28, 2020.

IQE – The UK semiconductor outsourcing group warned on Friday that its annual turnover will be lower than expected due to US restrictions on Huawei's Chinese operations. Several analysts have lowered the course objective.

* AIR FRANCE-KLM – Deutsche Bank has upped its "keep" recommendation against "selling" and at the same time reduced its target price to 7.60 euros versus 8.0 euros.

* ELIOR – Goldman Sachs upgraded its "buy" recommendation against "neutral" and raised its price target from 12 to 15 euros.

* BOURBON – SocGen upgraded its "keep" against "sell" recommendation and raised its price target to 2.08 euros versus 1.55 euros.


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