US box office: small cold shower for Disney despite Dumbo flight, Us continues its cardboard


Tim Burton's elephant with big ears flew away and took the lead in the rankings, unplanned makes its entrance.

With $ 45 million raised for its opening weekend – and for a budget of $ 170 million (excluding marketing), Dumbo does not rise as high as the studio expected (more than 50 million), but still takes the head of the box office. Remember that the original movie Dumbo is the shortest Disney movie (64 min) and the studio has added a lot of intrigues and characters to make a 1:52 movie.

A very common start to Tim Burton's film far behind Beauty and the Beast (US $ 174.7 million), The Book of the Jungle (103.2) or same Cinderella (67.8), but in front of several recent Disney achievements like The Return of Mary Poppins (23.5 million last December), Jean-Christophe and Winnie (24.5) or Alice on the other side of the mirror (26.9).

To see whatAladdin, a risky bet that at the moment does not seem to convince the crowds, and The Lion King will profit from your exits.

photo, Danny DeVito, Deobia Oparei "Name of a little man, but you steal!"

we recorded a 53 percent drop in its second week's share in theaters, a pretty normal number for a movie like this. Jordan Peele's film earned $ 33.6 million for 3,743 copies and, in total, almost rises to 130 million, enough to make its budget of $ 20 million (excluding marketing) profitable. In the world, it has already accumulated US $ 174.5 million.

For comparison, in 2018 a film like Halloween 58.8% in its second week and US $ 31.4 million, hewas losing 51.3% to 60 million. In contrast, Jordan Peele's first film, Skirt, suffered only a small drop of 15.4% and grossed 28.2 million in 2017.

PhotographMirror set

Captain Marvel is third in the standings this week. The heroine adds $ 20.5 million to Anna Boden's box office and Ryan Fleck's movie, 40.2% less than last week.

With 3,985 films (293 less than before) and 353 million dollars on American soil, the film is eighth in the domestic box office ranking of MCU films. In front of him we found black Panther (700), Avengers: Infinite War (678.8) Avengers (623.3) Avengers: The Age of Ultron (459) Captain America: Civil War (408) and Guardians of the Galaxy (389.8).

Internationally, Captain Marvel still has not managed to pass the billion, but it's only a matter of time sincenow are 990.6 million discounted since the beginning of its operation.

photo, Brie LarsonPre-billion preparation

Five separate feet continues his short career at the box office. He was third in the standings two weeks ago and remains fourth since his second weekend of operation. Brian Tyler's tragedy generated a fall of 16.9% of his associates and made $ 6.2 million. In total, the film has already grossed 35.8 by 7 million budget.

This is another novelty that closes the top 5 of the week and a sensitive and committed novelty. unplanned by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon is a film based on the memories of Abby Johnson, one of the youngest directors of family planning clinics in the United States, but most of all a woman who saw all her convictions changing while she participated in an abortion in the surgery room. The film is distributed in 1,059 theaters and reaps US $ 6.1 million for a budget of US $ 6 million (excluding marketing).


Out of this top 5, The beach bum made a breakthrough in tenth place. This comedy tells the story of Moondog, an irreverent man who lives by very personal principles. The film is signed Harmony Korine, and features Matthew McConaughey in the lead role alongside Zac Efron.

With 1,100 films on the counter, the film raised about $ 1.8 million for the opening weekend. It's worse than Spring breakers which had earned $ 4.8 million from 1104 theaters in 2013.

photo, Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey


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