Uniform at school: the city of Provins wants to launch fashion


"And for the sport, do I have to put what mother?" No, there you wear what you want. Lorette will not ask too many questions about what she has to use to get to class. On Monday, the CM2 pupil and his colleagues from the Provins (Seine-et-Marne) primary schools will inaugurate their uniform. Whether the unique costume is a classic for school children in the Caribbean or Guyana, it is the first in the metropolis for the primary in the public.

"We talk about ourselves, and it's positive," says the man behind the project, Mayor Olivier Lavenka (LR). This is an opportunity to launch a beautiful debate around the values ​​of the school of the Republic. "


One of the clothes worn by the students of Provins / LP / Philippe Lavieille

In Provins, it was decided with 62% of the favorable families during a consultation organized in June. "Some of them boycotted the ballot," says Stephanie Bainville, parent delegate. "We may agree or disagree, but we had to express ourselves when we had the opportunity."

However, refractories may continue to wear jeans and sweaters of their choice. As National Education banned only "unsuitable" clothing, only volunteers among the city's 700 schoolchildren wore the uniform flanked by the Republic motto Monday. "We want to present what unites us and give a beautiful image of the educational community. At the moment we are talking about the role of the school as a sanctuary, we are giving concrete results," says Olivier Lavenka.

"As in American movies"

To help parents pay € 137 for ten keyrings, the city council proposes to distribute payments up to ten times and make a 50% discount on the second child. The incentive did not stop there according to some opponents.

"We were told that we would question school card waivers if we did not follow the movement," explains Cyril *, father. Charges denied by edile. "I want freedom of choice," he says. Let's see if the uniform spreads and we'll take stock in a couple of years. "

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"I think it's beautiful and I feel comfortable, although I've liked a little more red," says Lorette. It's a bit like American movies. Not all my friends have, but some told me they want their parents to buy. At present, 350 applications have been made, which is half the number of the six schools in the commune.

"If it is to guess the political opinion of the parents …"

"There will be disparities from one institution to another and it is hoped that children will not be chosen for their choice," said Julien Fernandez, co-secretary of the SNUipp-FSU teachers' union department, listed on the left. If we want to guess the political opinion of parents about children's clothes, I do not see the point. "

On the side of the Ministry of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer spoke in favor of the uniform for schools that they wish. In the Rhône, the town of Meyzieu closely follows the experience of Provence. "And other communes have asked to inquire," says Olivier Lavenka. From there to launch fashion at the national level?

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