TPM: Cyril Hanouna pushes the limits of provocation


After falling into the Comédie and the France Télévisions, Cyril Hanouna pulled out Do not touch my position in 2010. Broadcast media, broadcast on the second half of the night on France 4, changed at a daily rate after the acquisition of Direct 8 by Canal + in the fall of 2012.

Threatened Leadership

Although it has been used by Laurence Ferrari, former host of the 20-hour TF1, Channel 8 TNT made Cyril Hanouna his star face. The latter managed to impose its TPMP as the unmissable prime-time access event. His supremacy gave greed. Approached by the M6, the host producer chose to remain faithful to Canal + while TF1 Yann Barthès. In September of 2016, who wore The little newspaper took the lead daily, boosted early in the evening to boost the TMC audience. The leadership of Do not touch my position so armed so much that Cyril Hanouna launched a series of offensives against its competitor in the press.

The CSA loads the TPMP

In giving his point of view in the middle of the PAF, the TPMP team attracted the ire of many animators. At dawn of 2017, a suspicion was gradually installed against the main conversation channel 8 TNT. Cyril Hanouna opted for a strategy of events, some of which were heavily criticized by viewers. Following several sequences broadcast during the 2016/2017 season, the channel of the Canal + group was often found on the side of the Higher Audiovisual Council. Between the hand of Anav from Capucina placed by Cyril Hanouna on her sex and a hidden camera of Matthieu Delormeau, TPMP faced its excesses. The audio-visual gendarme harshly knocked out the three-week display of advertising screens. The penalty was embellished with a fine of three million euros following a sequence considered homophobic Baba Radio. At the same time, historical figures such as Thierry Moreau and Enora Malagré left the ship.

An unlimited provocation?

Always a bit provocative, Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to mock several timesOlivier Schrameck, president of the CSA, whose term ended in January 2019. He celebrated the event in his own way through a series of songs. Despite tensions with the directions of TF1 and M6, they denounced campaigns of denigration against Karine Ferri and Bernard de la Villardière, the strong man of the C8 continues to play with the limits of provocation, even to annoy his own bosses. This is particularly the case on Tuesday, March 19. The day after a sequence where JoeyStarr drink made of rum Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on set C for you, he assured that the CSA would have sanctioned if this had happened in Do not touch my position. First named, Valérie Bénaïm refused to drink a glass of whiskey and Alban Ivanov did not pray. Then the audience was invited to "Have a drink". A string watched by 1.27 million viewers, or 5.4% of the total audience with 4 years or more. Although he remembered that "Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health", Cyril Hanouna could be sanctioned again by the PAF police since the public health code provides that the advertisement in favor of an alcoholic beverage is prohibited on television …


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