Tottenham: Manchester eliminated after a game of madness, the summary


23:19 – Your will will be suspended for the semi-final

This is also the information of the night. Upon receiving a yellow card early in the second period, the striker will not play the semi-final to face Ajax. With Kane's absence, the task seems delicate.

23:16 – Historic Exploit for Tottenham

In fact, it's only the second time in their history that Tottenham's Spurs have reached the final round of the Champions League. The first time was in 1961-1962.

23:15 – Liverpool also in the semifinal

The last club qualified for the last four in the Champions League is Liverpool. The Reds had fun at Porto when they won 4-1 and will face Barça.

23:13 – Mendy: "History for Tottenham, not for us"

Benjamin Mendy's reaction to RMC Sport's microphone: "Terrible as elimination, it's historic for Tottenham and not for us, it's very difficult, we'll have to start again in the championship and the Cup. It's not the first time we've been out in the quarter-final, we're going back next year, we still do not have the recipe. "

23:10 – De Bruyne tried everything

If Manchester City does not pass, Kevin De Bruyne made a fantastic start by making three assists. The midfielder could not do much more to qualify his team.

23:05 – A match in the legend of the Champions League

We probably witnessed a legendary match and the terms are not exaggerated. But in the end, it is the Spurs Tottenham who wins and who will play a semifinal story.

22:56 – ⏰ THE END OF THE GAME! Ended!

In a match that will remain in the history of the Champions League, Tottenham get their place in the City's lawn, despite their 4-3 defeat. The objective refused at the end of the match contributed to the dramaturgy of this meeting.

22:54 – Purpose refused!

Terrible for the city! Aguero is in an offside position and the goal is denied. This game is totally crazy.

22:53 – GOL! Sterling scores a hat-trick!

INCREDIBLE! Manchester City does that and sets the goal of qualifying for extra time. After a loss of Eriksen's ball, Aguero is thrown into the box and delivered to Sterling. After a good hook, the Englishman with his left foot cheats Lloris.

10:51 – 5 minutes extra time

There is still time to score a goal and up to two! The official room indicates five minutes of additional time.

22:50 – Last change for the Spurs

Rose gives way to Sanchez just before the extra time of this City – Tottenham.

22:49 – Tottenham continue against

Mauricio Pochettino's men are all in their camp and proceed against the last minutes of the meeting.

22:46 – The opportunity for Gundogan!

This game is not over! Gundogan is close to returning the qualification to City players. After a good Sané delivery, the middle attempts a recovery at close range, but the ball passes over.

22:45 – Eriksen's attempt to effect

The Dane noticed that Ederson was a little ahead and is trying his luck with a lobe over 50 meters. The doorman is not surprised.

22:43 – Last change to the city

Leroy Sané finally returns for the last few moments. He replaces Benjamin Mendy. That's all for the bout as far as Manchester City is concerned.


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