Time of the team appointed by the General Inspectorate of Finance


According to an exclusive document obtained by Figaro from the General Inspectorate of Finance, thousands of civil servants would not work as much as they should. The report advocates simple measures.

The numbers question.

According to a report from the Finance Inspectorate commissioned by the Minister for Action and Public Accounts, GĂ©rald Darmanin, and that Le Figaro was obtained, part of the French authorities would not work enough. A panel of more than 1.1 million people was asked about their working time, and he concludes this conclusion: 310,000 people work "less than the legal limit" (defined as 35 hours / 1607 hours per year). Especially among them, 190,000 do not justify these numbers.
Figures precisely echo the promises of Emmanuel Macron during his campaign to remove 50,000 positions by 2022. But if those authorities, who do not work enough, meet the legal limit, 30,000 they can see their posts deleted.

Among the offending officials, the local authorities, who works on average 1,578 hours, describes the report. We learned this "Except in exceptional cases, derogations need not continue". These fixed employees generally enjoy the same benefits as their struggling colleagues, while they themselves are not forced. Take the example of prison guards who work in shifts and work 1,582 hours. Except that 13,000 of your colleagues, who are in fixed positions (and not subject to night hours, for example), work less than they do!
Other sectors are called National Education, Justice or Ministry of the Armed Forces. Inland, 30,000 agents are entitled to one day off per week. "Antique".

The day of the fractionation in question

The IGF report also addresses the split days. Le Figaro recalls that the measure allows people who ask for five days of vacation between November 1 and April 30 to receive an additional day off. If they are in high school, they can not choose their holidays, so they automatically benefit from two additional days. One measure that "costs" 29.4 million hours to the state is 18,300 jobs, the report says.

Finally, the General Inspectorate of Finance points to the "to minister days". Days of leave granted in the ministries for no apparent reason, "too much" even, denounce the side of the IGF. Thus, in the Culture, the agents would be granted seven days and two extras, within two days or one week in Social Affairs.
The case "Thorny" compensatory rest for the police and CRS is in turn questioned. It would save 2,800 jobs according to the report. The bill "transformation of public service" will be presented Wednesday, March 27 in the Council of Ministers.


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