Tiger mosquitoes, war is declared


Walking in her garden, a pleasure found for Yvonne after an invasion of tiger mosquitoes. "Two years ago, you could not go to the garden without getting stung. I could not extend my clothes, I could not garden, we could not eat anymore and it was unbearable"The solution The installation of mosquito traps, located on the ground in a shaded area where this plague is living stagnant water, results: up to 40 captured mosquitoes per hour and one Calm summer.

Yvonne reorganized her garden to avoid the proliferation of the insect: shaved trees, closed cup, returned watering can. Good actions that Yvonne and her collective want to share with their neighbors through an awareness campaign. About 70 people have already decided to buy a mosquito trap. "Word of mouth has worked tremendously"concludes an initiative followed in Blagnac (Haute-Garonne).

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