The tracks Camille Combal and Maxime Switek to try to re-launch Europe 1?


Europe 1 will she finally find the magic recipe to revive? After three years of continuous descent to hell, the resort still dreams of finding its way to success. Just yesterday, hearings showed that the station continued to fall when a motion of suspicion was passed and where Nikos Aliagas was to leave the morning, according to our information.

First track for next season, Camille Combal. The presenter of TF1 is already in the group, since it animates Virgin and can finally reach Europe 1. The Parisian writes this morning: "Last year, Europe 1 studied the arrival of Camille Combal At the last moment, the transfer failed and he remained at Virgin Radio.For this 2019 Mercato, he is the host that everyone pulls out. "Thanks to TF1, we have had proof that he liked it both for adults and for children," acknowledges a connoisseur.

Another track that from the chronicler of "C to you", Maxime Switek who after several years spent at the station had taken a sabbatical. He just saw his ex-bosses discuss his return next year. But where and when? The rumor of his arrival on the morning of the season has resurfaced, even though in the hallways is the name of Matthew Belliard the host of the night that seems more credible at this time. But we know that in Europe 1 everything can change very quickly …


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