the Public Ministry requires five years of imprisonment and punishes the "little world" who organized the arbitration


Prosecutors have sought the conviction of four of the other five defendants, including Orange's current CEO Stephane Richard, three years of which eighteen months have been suspended.

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Bernard Tapie at the Paris Criminal Court, 1 April.
Bernard Tapie at the Paris Criminal Court, 1 April. BENOIT TESSIER / REUTERS

Opening his charge to two votes, Monday 1st April, promoters Christophe Perruaux and Nicolas Baietto acknowledged: they miss three words. At the end of the investigation, contrary to the allegations of the prosecution, Judges Serge Tournaire and Claire Thépaut resolved the aggravating circumstance of the fraud. "Organized Gang" in the case of the arbitration of his dispute with Credit Lyonnais Bernard Tapie is worth and five other defendants attend the Criminal Court of Paris. These three brief missing words were not only an increase in the penalties incurred, they were based on a reasoning: the arbitration in July 2008, which granted Bernard Tapie 405 million euros, was the result of a organized and organized action at the maximum. top of the state in favor of the entrepreneur.

The prosecution had to retreat, but his reasoning did not change. Initially, prosecutor Christophe Perruaux recalled, is the"Association" two men "Defeat justice for twenty years" : Bernard Tapie, "Endowed with a courage that we can only greet, always standing," and Maurice Lantourne, his historic lawyer, "A gray eminence endowed with a certain talent and a true science of law, for which the entrepreneur must still be in possession of his patrimony".

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After having suffered a flaw before the Court of Cassation in the mid-2000s, both are convinced that they are more likely to win the case against Lyonnais by resorting to arbitration rather than pursuing in court, " but it was still necessary for the state to accept this arbitration. " "With the election of Nicolas Sarkozyhe continues the state apparatus fell into friendly hands. "

The decoration of the setting, Christophe Perruaux brings the other characters: a "Key man"Stéphane Richard, then director of the office of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Christine Lagarde. "Very dependent on the political power that can favor the continuation of his brilliant and rewarding career, he reserves the archive of Adidas and will make a point of transmitting the will of the President of the Republic," at every step he excludes those who in Bercy do not share his opinion.


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