The notebook of the Brazilian Grand Prix – F1


He did not win the Brazilian Grand Prix. But the best driver on Sunday was him. Starting fifth on the grid, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) passed by Vettel, Räikkönen and Bottas. So, taking advantage of Lewis Hamilton's pit stop, he took the lead of the GP. Verstappen dominated his subject so well that only a stroke of luck could stop him from winning the Grand Prix. But this bout of the batch hit the 43rd inning when he came out in a round after a bump with Esteban Ocon. Exceeded by Hamilton, encountering a damaged car, Max Verstappen fought to the end, but eventually finished second. Boring …

Daniel Ricciardo: 14/20

As well as Max Verstappen, his Red Bull teammate, Daniel Ricciardo also had a great race, the dramatic end in less. Five points down on the grid, the Australian started in 11th place. But he finally finished fourth! With pit stops in the game, he was even briefly leading, before giving in … for a pit pass. At the end of the race, Ricciardo was in the fight with Raikkonen for the third place. It was finally the last one to win. Indeed, Daniel Ricciardo has been waiting for a podium since the Monaco Grand Prix in July. But he finally signed a good race, he who often was forced to retire in the last Grand Prix.

Still the winner. But would Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) win if Max Verstappen had not been dragged into a round with Esteban Ocon? In the first third of the Grand Prix, Hamilton was good, dominating the debates after starting in pole position. Nothing to complain about. But after his pit stop, for damaged tires, he was not able to take first place in Max Verstappen, until the last hook with Ocon. So Hamilton maintained the lead, but suffering, with the tires still damaged, and without competition, the Red Bull Verstappen too damaged to return. A victory, certainly, but not the most beautiful of the season for Lewis Hamilton. There was still the title of builders for Mercedes in the end.

Kimi Räikkönen: 12/20

Without making a noise, Kimi Räikkönen took the podium of the Brazilian Grand Prix. He finished third without ever getting involved in the final victory. But in the last few laps he was in the fight with Daniel Ricciardo for this third place on the podium. And he managed to stay ahead of the Australian driver. Thanks to this result, Räikkönen maintained its third position in the World Championship in a Grand Prix of the end of the season.

Away from Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, Charles Leclerc (Sauber) secured in the "other race". And he was rewarded with a beautiful seventh place. This allowed him to score for the ninth time this season. For a few laps, Leclerc resisted Sebastian Vettel, who was returning from the pits. He released when he realized he could not stay at a distance. But he then let no one steal this famous seventh place.

With a good start, Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) was quickly second behind Hamilton (when he was third on the grid). He stayed for a long time in the wake of the world champion, before going through an unsustainable Verstappen. Then Bottas did not talk about him, finishing fifth.

The disappointment of the Brazilian Grand Prix. The runners-up finished second in the standings. But he only came in sixth place in the race. Exceeded the entry of Bottas at first, he quickly plunged into the standings and never played the main roles, unable to compete with the Mercedes and totally powerless in the face of the great form of Red Bull. A weekend to forget.

D & # 39; Esteban Ocon, let's just remember the confrontation with Max Verstappen, who deprived the Dutch driver of the victory. With a late turn, he tried to fold the last, sent him to the bottom and found himself in a mess. Ocon, in his own right, did not regret anything. And he had the intelligence not to respond to Verstappen's agitation after the race. Otherwise, he was very discreet in the race, being quickly among the lowest and finally finishing in 15th.

Behind the three "big" Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, the Renault team is fourth in the classification of manufacturers. For now, it still occupies that position. But Renault did not score on Sunday. Nico Hulkenberg gave up and Carlos Sainz Jr finished 12th. Haas, his rival, by contrast, scored six points, with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen. Only (small) weekend satisfaction: McLaren, who can still claim fourth place, is out of the race.


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