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the ministry recommends not giving raw milk to children under five

Thirteen small children have been affected by the bacterium Escherichia coli type O26 since March 21. Some are still hospitalized on Monday.

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After the recent contamination of several young children by bacteria E. Coli, the Ministry of Health wants to anticipate crises. The Health Emergencies Mission (MUS) of the Ministry of Agriculture recommends Tuesday, April 30, not to give raw milk – liquid or cheese – to children under five years of age. However, the warning does not refer to cheeses made with raw raw milk, such as Swiss cheese.

"In addition to five years, the risk is still there, but is still decreasing, children are still more protected", said the head of the mission, Marie-Pierre Donguy. The head of MUS recalled that "In the last two outbreaks, all cases were children under five years of age".

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Children still hospitalized

Health authorities announced on Saturday the recall of the Saint-Marcellin and Saint-Félicien cheeses manufactured by the company Fromagerie Alpine and sold in particular under various brands of distributors, after the contamination of thirteen small children by bacteria Escherichia coli of type O26 since March 21. Some of these older children "Six months to four years", suffering from kidney complications, were still hospitalized on Monday, according to Public Health France.

Investigations into the exact origin of the contamination are "Still in progress"according to Mme Donguy explains that, as a precaution, authorities have recalled the entire production of the cheese since February, which is a significant volume. The recall process is also still underway, and distributors use loyalty cards to alert consumers who bought them.

At the end of December the cheese company Eteaux (Haute-Savoie) took out two batches of raw milk cheeses after intoxicationE. coli O26, qualified as "Serious"of two children who had eaten reblochon. Between May and June 2018, the Dairy of Cheeses of the Chabert family of Cruseilles (Haute-Savoie) made large withdrawals of Reblochons after the intoxication of twelve children, one of whom died, by this same E. coli O26.

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