The League of Legends developer is on strike, the infos


He is now blowing in the middle of the video game like a wind of revolt, "an account", as Jacquot could have qualified. As the testimonials multiply over the months to denounce the practice of the crisis, it is obvious that the employees of the Riot Games studio decided to go on strike.

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Considering France, this may not seem like anything, but in the very liberal country of Uncle Sam, the case is quite different.

It must be said that the fire is burning a few months, as the studio was already criticized for criticism last March as it tried, by all means, to resort to private arbitration in two lawsuits for discrimination and sexual harassment. Riot's defense was as simple as it was debatable: employees would have waived their right to sue the company as conscripts. It is.

yesterday, one hundred studio employees (about 2,500) so I decided to go on strike, a relay movement on Twitter:

Well in his boots, Riot maintains its position at the moment, as explained by PC Gamer, its spokesperson:

Once the disputes are resolved, we will give all new Riot employees the option to withdraw from compulsory arbitration. with respect to individual sexual harassment and claims of sexual assault.

Specifically, the atelier thus only offers newcomers who do not go through the disadvantageous procedure of private arbitration, which is more often in the direction of the employer, and above all makes it possible not to take the case to the public square. .

For those who would like to deepen the subject, remember that Kotaku broke a long investigation (in English) highlighting the "culture of sexism" in force in the League of Legends developer


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