The iPhone 2020 would have new diagonals and everything in OLED


The iPhone 2020 family will abandon the LCD and adopt new dimensions, written Digitimes. Regarding the disappearance of the LCD in favor of three exclusively OLED models, this is an assumption that had already been Wall Street Journal at the end of January.

The Taiwanese website adds that the three current iPhone sizes will evolve. Now we have iPhone 5.8 "(XS), 6.1" (XR) and 6.5 "(XS Max) In a year we would have 5.42"; 6.06 "and 6.67".

What is not specified is to what extent this will be reflected in prices and whether the range will be articulated differently. Will Apple maintain the principle of an XR with a larger screen than XS, but still cheaper, since less has evolved in some of its features?

Digitimes advance a lane by talking to the 5.42 "of using a cheaper and thinner OLED board, thanks to better integration of the tactile interaction management layer. Apple would use a slab using the Y-OCTA method of A Samsung is LG's TOE technology.

As for the 2019 iPhone, the latest rumors do not evoke any change in the diagonals of the screens, and the LCD would still be the successor to the XR.


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