Monday , October 18 2021

the blockbuster you missed on Netflix


Exits on Netflix are usually scanned, assisted and entitled to intensive coverage. Regularly, in Presse-Citron, we do the presentations, telling about new movies and series to watch. But some go completely under the radar. This is the case of The Wandering Earth, the Chinese blockbuster, posted online last weekend on the streaming platform.

The Wandering Earth, a Chinese card

In Europe, all eyes are on Avengers: End of Game and / or Game of Thrones. But earlier this year in China, it was The Wandering Earth, which caught the eye. It is the second Chinese box office film of all time and the third worldwide for the year 2019.

In France? The film is almost unknown. He had the right to receive media coverage earlier this year when Netflix announced it would air. But no date was provided. The film, therefore, has gone unnoticed in recent days. Especially when he was not on Netflix's monthly release list.

On paper, the impending apocalypse scenario is already seen and reviewed. A scenario of astronauts who need to find a new planet for humanity. The Earth must face the extinction of the sun and therefore it will be necessary to take the planet out of its orbit! The comments are very good and, above all, visually the film is very successful. In short, to end this holiday, if you need to look for a movie, it's probably what you need. Be careful, however, the Chinese actors play is not really put on every hand. But, behold, this must change you from the usual "American-centrism" of this type of film.

If you want to watch, it's happening at this address.

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