the best offers of the moment in Bouygues, SFR, Free, Sosh …


Two weeks into the big holidays, mobile operators have launched the big game with particularly attractive deals in their packages. Our selection of the best offers of the moment.

Summer promotions are in full swing ahead of mobile operators. Just a few steps away from the end of the school year and the vacation departures, all rates call presentation throughout or part of their catalogs. A benefit for anyone who wants to split their budget by at least two. Here is the summary of the offers of the moment, classified as more or less generous.

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At Bouygues, B & You sells everything until June 25

Bouygues digital brand makes a promotion that affects all your packages. For any subscription until June 25, the price of your small as your large packages undergo a very substantial price drop. As this is a special series, these rates remain the same even after the first year of subscription. Reserved for new customers Bouygues, the SIM card is charged € 10.

– € 4.99 / month for 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS p (as MMS) and 5 GB of internet usable in Europe / DOM (excess internet charged in increments of € 25)
– € 9.99 / month for unlimited calls / SMS / MMS and 30 GB usable internet Europe / DOM.
– 14.99 € / month for unlimited calls / SMS / MMS and 50 GB internet, including 15 GB roaming Europe / DOM / United States / Canada / Australia / New Zealand
– € 16.99 / month for unlimited calls / SMS / MMS and 80 GB internet, including 8 GB of roaming from Europe / DOM.

In the SFR Network, 2 packages with lifetime awards until June 26

low-cost brand of the red square operator increases two
of their packages
to make them very generous in the internet envelope
mobile. The first usually has 1 GB of data
this campaign 40 times more. The second is enriched with a bonus of 45 GB.
also, the offer reserved for new subscribers and the SIM card charged € 10.

– 10 € / month for unlimited calls / SMS / MMS and 40 GB of internet can be used in Europe and the DOM (including 4 GB of mobile internet)

– 15 € / month for 60 GB of internet and unlimited and usable calls / SMS / MMS from Europe, DOM, Switzerland, Andorra + USA and Canada (with 15 GB mobile internet more from these same destinations)

At Orange, Sosh's biggest package is more than half cheaper until June 24

Orange fans can currently
enjoy a promotion X times repeated in Sosh: which consists of
divided by 2.5 the price of your more package

Thus, traditionally charged € 24.9 / month,
drops to 9.99 € / month
during the first 12 months before returning to the high price.

The latter includes unlimited calls and SMS / MMS in France and 50 GB of mobile internet. It also allows unlimited access to mobile and landline calls from the US and Canada. Like unlimited calls to landlines in Europe / Switzerland / Andorra / DOM
to send unlimited SMS and MMS to those same destinations. (SIM card 10 €).

Auchan Telecom: 100 GB for 9.99 € / month until July 6

the operator
Virtual play hard with a fixed fee without very heavily gifted commitment
in an internet envelope. Its unlimited offer on calls, SMS and MMS and including 100
Go is 9.99 € / month during the first 12 months of subscription (10 € SIM card). Billing then goes to € 19.99 / month. O
package is also usable in Europe, unlimited DOM for
calls / SMS / MMS and to 5 GB of mobile internet.

Auchan Telecom does not have its own network, but it lends to Orange, SFR or Bouygues. A customer service call lets you choose the one that offers the best coverage in your area of ​​use.

At Cdiscount Mobile, a special 60GB series through June 24

The mobile offer of the subsidiary
The Casino is what is most limited in temp. Your package is in
shown at € 6.99 / month instead of € 12.99 / month, but only for
the first 6 months of signature.

it is crime
no commitment includes
Unlimited calls / SMS / MMS in metropolitan France
and Europe and the DOM and 60 GB usable mobile internet
in the hexagon (+5 GB in Europe). The SIM card is also charged € 10
for signature.

In Free, the special eternal series package drops to 50 GB by June 25

that he has added a "special package" to his catalog, Free does not
does not end up varying the internet envelope attached to it. While
Last week, this € 8.99 / month package included 60 GB of mobile Internet, the envelope
is dropped to 50
for any subscription until June 25.

it is
Package includes unlimited calls / SMS / MMS in metropolitan France and from
Europe and the DOM and 50 GB of data (4 GB in Europe and the DOM). The tariff has
registration is valid for the entire first year. At the end of
this, the subscriber is automatically changed to the package at € 19.99 / month. map
YES: € 10


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