The author of an act of vandalism on a Tesla recognized and stopped thanks to the Sentinel mode of the car


It is true that the Tesla are not the only cars to be coveted by thieves, nor are they the only ones having sophisticated anti-theft systems. Remember, for example, that BMW already offers a device three years ago that allows you to monitor the entourage of your car live using the application and the cameras of the vehicle. But the "Sentinel" mode has arrived in the Tesla Model 3 with the latest update of its operating system may surprise the vandals. The owner of the Tesla Model 3 was able to see it a few days ago when his Model 3 caught an act of vandalism against his car. As can be seen from the images of the safety element, a woman stealthily attacked, but aggressively, the Model 3 while taking her children to a Dodge Journey SUV parked near the Tesla, causing deep scratches on the vehicle's body panels.

Rafael "Teslatino" Santoni shared a short excerpt from the YouTube incident, noting that while the incident appeared to be definitely premeditated, it was difficult to determine the motivation for such degradation. The damage caused by the incident was assessed at $ 900 in repair costs by a third workshop.

The Vandal Betrayed by Tesla Cameras

Fortunately for the owner of Model 3, the images recorded by Sentinel Mode allowed to capture the incident in its entirety and show a clear image of the woman's face. Once his identity was determined, the attack was quickly reported to the police, who later arrested the woman for vandalism. It remains to be seen if she will have to pay for the damage she caused to model 3.

Tesla's Sentinel Mode uses the car's cameras to record images around the vehicle. Once activated, Sentinel Mode enters standby mode, during which it monitors the environment of the car. It can then enter an alert state where the vehicle displays a warning on the screen indicating that the images are being recorded. In the event of a break-in, Sentinel Mode will enter the Alarm Mode, where the music will sound at maximum volume while turning on the headlights of the vehicle to attract attention. Images are saved to a specially formatted USB drive and connected to one of the USB ports on the front center console of the car. However, Sentinel mode does not allow live access to images through the Tesla application. A feature that would be welcome at the time of a future update of the car's operating system.

Watch a vandal attack on a Tesla Model 3 in the video below.



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